Okay!!! So here I am with my first blog.

I had created an account here a long time back but never posted any thing ‘coz I didn’t like the userid. It was “bipinup“. hehehe
I faced the same prob today while creating a new account.
I tried “mUX” (my handle), “OM“, “PRoJectB” (the name of my final year project- I’ll elaborate on it in sometime later)……. but nothing seemed to work…… all’s taken.
I wonder who’s taken PRoJectB.

Anyways, finally I had to end up with “PRoJectBee“. X-(

I am also planing to register a domain with the same name….. (with the slogan …
Work Together,
Work Hard….
(referring to the way bees work, n may I’ll have a company with same slogan 😀 😉 hehehehe

Gotta Rush now.
7 Sem exams going on.
Have CI paper on 25th and as usual, I haven’t studied anything (This line isn’t for you Dids :D).