I am frustrated … Arrghhhhhhhhhhh

Latest News: I have my IWT (called as “Internet & Web Technology) paper day after tomorrow and I am not studying. Nothing at all.
Reason: I had a look at last years question paper.

Well, don’t get me wrong, the paper was not tough….. it was garbage.
I will take the liberty of posting some questons:

  1. What is Yahoo? [2 marks]
  2. How do you execute a Java Program? [2 marks]
  3. Name three web browsers. [2 marks]
  4. What are smileys? [5 marks]
  5. Write pros and cons of email? [5 marks]


Common guys. I am in final year B.Tech. and you expect me to sit in the examination hall and answer these question????
I’d prefer to fail…… and I guess I am gonna do that.

Infact there’s a very strange coincidence, I saw a dream today early morning that I’ve dropped from my college…………. and believe me…. the feeling was good.
Now, I think I understand the mental condition of guys like Steve Jobs dropping from college in 6 months.

I remember when Lalit simply refused to submit the CGM assignment on Input/Output devices when he saw people sumitting assignments with pictures of mouse and keyboard.

Anyways, Thanks for dropping in.
Please leave your comments.
BTW I’ll not be dropping as Anu ordered me not to dare even think of it. :((

Chalo, C ya later.


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