I am frustrated … Arrghhhhhhhhhhh (… Concluding Edition)

Been there,
Done it.. (
(Thanks Manas for this one liner).

Hi fellas. This one liner is just in continuation to my previous post.
I appeared for my IWT exam in the midst of all confusion and frustration.

I reached college 20 mins before the scheduled time, so went to have coffee and found Miss Malik at the Nescafe (quite obvious), with Sumandeep (not so obvious).
At some point of time I discovered that I had not brought my purse (very very unobvious). My purse is like my wife guys. I’d never leave it anywhere ;). But anyways, somehow I managed to do it, and Miss Malik paid for my Kaapi. (Thanks Malik Bhai 😛 )

Again, as I was about to enter the examination hall, I recalled that my bloody admit card was in my purse (which I’d left at home), and just then the bell rang :D. I quickly wrote an application and somehow entered the examination hall.
When I started writing, I again discovered that I had not brought my wrist watch. [Wow! So many discoveries. What a day!]

The question paper was not as good as the last year’s paper, but then again….. it definitely was successful in maintaining the tradition.
It did contain the legacy queries:

  1. Name three browsers.
  2. Smiley!!! ^:)^
  3. And my favorite question Pros and Cons of email (Bloody s***). Arnab comes running to me after the paper, jumping, shouting… Bol, bol… Pros and cons of email likha ki nahi bol…, [typical Arnie ;)]

Anyways, I did finish the paper with these beautiful incidents added in between (not to mention the verbal thrashing by our HOD in the middle of the exam because I was bajaying chutki with my fingers, while entering the toilet. (Sorry, I couldn’t find the English of chutki :P)

However, the best part came after the exam. I met Rahul outside the exam centre.
Rahul: Kaisa hua be?? Saala mera to mann hi nahi kar raha tha likhne ka. Sab kal baith ke Multithreading, Applet, Consumer-Producer padhe aur aaya kuchh bhi nahi.
This was very interesting and different. It’s a bit coincidental that I somehow catch Rahul online, just before the exams and hear him say the same thing everytime:
Saali phati hui hai be. Kuchh nahi padha hoon. Semester bhar masti kiya abhi phat rahi hai..#$#%$^ 😀
[Though, I am sure, he never really meant it. At least not always ;). But it was good to hear something different from him.]

So, that’s my day……. Which was freshened up by a long date with Slashdot and very long nap following it.

I have one more paper left (on 19th) and it’s quite interesting. I hope to get some good questions this time.

Please, do drop in your comments. I’d love that (.
Take Care.


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