Everyone of you must have come across a phase in life when you do things, you don’t want to….. and can’t do things you want to.


Anyways, I didn’t write this article to discuss my personal probs…. I just wrote all this to mention my mental status in which I watched the Movie.
So here is the, so called view of RDB from my eyes.

Rang De Basanti as a movie, as an entertainer…. Superb

If you are able to make the audience either cry uncontrollably, or laugh uncontrollably, or pump up their adrenaline.. you end up with a hit. And RDB has all this in optimized quantity.

Rang De Basanti as a guide, an inspiration … Not Good.

Let me explain…..
For the time being, please forget DJ as Amir Khan… remember him as a character… DJ, who drinks beer like water, who cares a sh*t about life, who is scared to face the real life… (remember the scene where he mentions it to Su).
So are his other friends, less or more.

Enter Su…. Brings changes (though not very apparent), while making the documentary.
Madhavan (sorry Ajay) dies… and they feel the pain…. Kill the defence minister.
Now, at this point of time I was a bit confused, as to which category should I put this act.
Rebellion against the corrupt system… or an act of Revenge???
However, Rakesh Mehra convinces me towards the end of the movie that it was not an act revenge. Then one may think why did I rate the movie this way.

Very simple. The movie doesn’t inspire you to be original.
It describes the story of some young men who are inspired by the legendary characters of the Indian War of Independence.
Please do not get me wrong. I am not being critical. I am just expressing something I believe in.

Junta, if you want to change the world, you have got to be original. You cannot imitate people and kill everyone who is corrupt.

And before all this, the question arises, who are you to decide who’s corrupt and who’s not. You were the person who gave money to the police inspector in the fort, to keep his mouth shut….. and now when you are AWAKE, you decide to kill this breed, forgetting that you and people like you have given birth to this breed.

Almost all of us give bribe to at every level possible to get our work done in the simplest and fastest way. Almost all of us would travel without ticket if assured that no TTE is on train. Almost all of us carry plastic bags, even when we have purchased a packet of maggi and then throw it on the road without caring of it.
And after that we sit down with a bunch of people and say, India ka kuchh nahi ho sakta.

Deinitely kuchh nahi ho sakta, if we do not understand our individual responsibilities. Miracles are but stories.

And to bring a change, all of us need not join army or even politics. The best possible way would be to simply find the one thing that you love doing. That’s the only way to prosper as an individual.
And when you prosper, remember two things:

  1. Be Honest, and
  2. Be Selfish.

Na na. I didn’t misspell the word. I really want you to be selfish, because that’s a part of human nature. But just do one more thing when you become selfish (or more appropriately realize that you have always been one)….. increase the boundaries of SELF, to accommodate the people around you.
Remember the poetry:
Dil Simte to Aashiq,
Faile to Zamana hai.

And if you ever fear whether you would be able to stand alone, just recite this poetry by Majrooh Sultanpuri:
Main Akela hi chala tha Jani-be-Manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, Karvan banta gaya.

Long Live Revolution :).


3 thoughts on “RANG DE BASANTI — Reviewed

  1. Though we have a mismatch in our views regarding the movie, still we both are same at one & the most imp point that there is an utmost need of REVOLTUION……
    & this can only be achieved by submitting the individual task assigned to us sincerely & perfectly…… being true to ourselves n the society(nation)

  2. yup tht’s really true……the film dosen’t gives a nice moral at the end…
    and it’s always the same for ages we talk abt the same thing tht India ka kuch nahi ho sakta….. magar mere bhai karoge toh he to hoga na….

    Anyways wht i liked in the movie and which may inspire ppl is tht tht it’s not the same old world we r changing and so is our attitude towards life…..
    We can acomodate and accomplish everything in life if we want .. and a failure till date will b the same always…..
    and tht was a thing u said in thr in ur anothr blog sum lines frm Majhrur Sultanpuri….
    those lines go aptly here…
    and yet another moral which can b digged out is tht.. u must and u should work hard till ur last breath for ur country.. and examples of our legendary revolutionists’ encourages us to work hard to keep up our freedom and the status they earned in for our motherland..
    if u have been frm CBSE Board and have read an essay in the english book…
    it said tht u must b physically,mentally,intellectually and spiritually fit to serve ur nation the best…and not rest…

    this comment would rather turn to some long blog if i dont stop now…

    And again i must say……as i have read ur other blog too…. nicely thought upon…

    To end up …. plz forgive any spell or grammar mistake…

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