Google Adsense….. Hacked !!!

This write-up of mine expects you to understand the Google Adsense program, it’s working and the importance of keywords in generating quick money.
For newbies, Google Adsense program let’s people put up ads on their sites, blogs etc. after being approved by Google. Google gets money from the advertisers as PPC (Pay Per Click), and pays a part of that money to them. These ads are generated as per the content (keywords) on the webpage. This scheme is called “Adsense for Content”. The other two are: “Adsense for Referrals” (firefox and Adsense referral itself) and “Adsense for Search”.

Now you may ask, why did I put this write-up on my personal blog???

Because I donot wish to give tutorial on “How to hack Adsense” or “How to make quick money using Adsense”. This write-up is simply another wonderful experience of my life.

I signed up for Adsense in the mid of Januray and earned $5.42 by the end of March.
Then……… I found a hack for Google Adsense and generated $22+ in just one day. 🙂 I worked really hard that day, discovered some more loopholes and generated the same amount ($22++) the next day… at half the work I did on the first day.

But then something happened.
I had a very strange feeling.
You may (in fact you should) call me crazy, but I felt being split into two — “B”, the real me; and “Om”, my anonymous identity I use on the net.
As B, I seldom speak lies, I don’t cheat in exams… not even ask for answers during exams.
But as Om, I stole passwords, hacked databases……… and now I was earning (or rather generating) money, by illegal means (though not completely).

Somehow, I could not digest it. I questioned myself, is it really that I am being split…. Or is being B just a hypocrisy? Am I becoming weak?
But somewhere I knew that this excitement in this whole scenario was because of finding loopholes in Google’s system, rather than earning money.

However, I did work for 2 more days and generated total of $65++ in 4-5 days and then I stopped……..

On April 7th, when I opened my Gmail account, I saw a mail from Google Adsense with the subject *Google AdSense Account Disabled”.

And quite strangely…… a smile came on my face, probably making a mockery of the thought that I would be able to cheat Google, or probably because of what followed the smile…..…… a deep sense of relief.

The quest is over.
I am not split.