Why Don’t Men Cry???

Well, how do you answer a stupid question?
It’s tough for me too… because, contrary to the popular myth, men do cry.

However, they neither do it so often, nor before everyone. One of the primary reasons believed for this is that they are coarse, tough from inside. Other, that they have trouble expressing themselves.
Well both are true. But there are also other aspects to it.

They won’t cry because they won’t stop.
Men are emotional beings too… and hence need to cry when in trouble. But, as we know, they have trouble expressing themselves. So they suppress it all. Again and again and again…
And hence the fear surfaces subconsciously, each time, that the reservoir would be let completely unleashed.

Men do not/cannot/will not cry in front of everyone. They need to have that EXTRA faith element in you to cry before of you. It all begins from one simple theory that they won’t like to show that they are weak.

They cry doesn’t mean they are weak, nor does a woman becomes weak by crying. In fact crying makes you stronger. It flushes out most part of the pain, anger, hatred… whatever you say, bringing you to the original shape and size (well almost).

They can neither cry before another man nor stand a man crying. That again corresponds to the same I-AM-NOT-A-WEAK-MAN theory. Watching another man cry puts his own WEAK portrait before his ego.

If a man cries again and again before you doesn’t mean you are his weakness. It only means that you a very special place in his life. He has been able to put all his ego into a trash can.
It’s very important to understand this… because, believe it or not, people do get irritated. The situation is even worse if you are his girl friend. You search for a stronger shoulder that would support you, not the one that needs support.
But analyze the situation again. Isn’t he there for you when you need him? Isn’t he less egoistic than he used to be? Which one’s better?
…And if you are a man, you are really lucky to have such a friend.

Mom or Dad!
This one’s based on a few experiences of mine. A man generally has an emotional tilt towards his mother at a younger age. It’s apparently because women have a beautiful gift of expression. They can express love, appreciation, affection etc. in a more beautiful and open manner. The boy gets the attention he needs and hence the inclination.
However, as the boy becomes man, he gradually understands the dilemma of his father and hence gets more inclined towards him.

What to do when a man cries?
Well, it’s pretty tough to answer.
Generally, men are very much predictive. However, crying, as we all know, is a feminine trait. And females, as we all know
🙂, are the least (even lesser than least) predictive. If they ask you to do something, you never know if they really want you to do it.
That’s why there can’t any rule to face a crying man.

However, two things can definitely be done:
1. Neither believe nor make him feel that he’s weak. It’s the worst thing you can do to hurt his faith, ego.
2. Be with him.

Disclaimer: I ain’t no psychiatrist. Whatever I’ve written is no law. It just applies to most of us.This article derives it’s motivation from a (helpful) advice that I rendered to a (female) friend of mine. 🙂