Run Bips Run…

I don’t do anything slow, not even breathe. I do everything at a fast cadence: eat fast, sleep fast.

Lance Armstrong “It’s not about the Bike”

Something very strange happened.
A girl, from a batch i took responsibility of some time ago, said to me that she always found me on the run… in a hurry. I have always been moving fast. Be it office, cafeteria… wherever.

Flashback [College time]:
Thoda tez nahi chal sakta?
Abey kabhi to time pe pahonch?
Why do you walk so slow?
Bipin. Jab targets aise hain to punctuality bhi rakhni seekho.

To most, it may not seem like much of a difference, but to me it looks like a lot has changed!
Not just my pace, my attitude has changed to a good extent.

Honestly, I never wanted pace in my life. I wanted normal things at normal pace. I wanted to enjoy things around me. Wanted to steal a little more time with people around me, and hence sometimes deliberately moved slow.
…… But since when have “WE” been granted what we wanted? 🙂

Things change, times change, people change… I changed.
Today I get an average of 3-5 hours of sleep a day, because I have some targets and “miles to go before I sleep”.
Today I am ready to sacrifice big things for things that I want.
Today I want everything; everything I am worth.
…and if there are things that I am not worth, I’ll become what it takes; I’ll move fast.

Do you really want to be like that?“, Arnab asked sometime ago.
…You know it Arnie.
But whatever. I’m loving it. 🙂


Appa Doway (Hans Raj Hans)

This song has a special place… not just in my playlists, but also in my life. “Appa Doway” (or “Roothe to Manave Kaun Ve”) was sung by Hans Raj Hans.

few months ago a friend of mine asked me for the lyrics. I did not have the lyrics so I searched it on the net. [I could have written but there would have been lots of mistiks you see 😀 ]
However I could not find it.
I asked another friend of mine to write it for me. She wrote it in a hurry and hence there may be some spelling mistakes. However, I decided not to make any attempt to correct them. It’s a copyright issue you see. 😉

I am posting it here so that any other Saddy-Saddy soul, searching for the lyrics would locate it here 🙂

mennu ki manauna si tu aape rus challya…
mennu samjhauna si tu appne ukh(ukhada hua) challya..

jag(duniya) dekhda tamasha…
gal(gale) laau kon ve..
aape dono rus rus baithe tan manau kon ve…. …

tere naal naseeeb mennu zindagi da saath ve..
tere bina dil diyan sadraan(I guess feelings) udaas ve
mennu hanjuaan(aason) to dubbno bachau kon ve…

aape dono rus baithe tan…..manau kon ve….

teri chaak(rah me…aas me) vich buha(darwaza) tohaya(band kiya) kadi khollya..
tikdi(box in english) ch hawkya nu dabb leya dholya..
raha(raaste) vich palkan bichau kon ve..

je aapa dono rus baithe tan manau kon ve…..

rosya(gam me) che lange pal hanjuan te tupke..
channa e o taare ne jo chade ne chupke..
totte taareya nu lab ke layau kon ve..

je aapa doono russ baithe ta manau kon ve…….

Rocky is Back!

He is old.
He is withered.
He is alone.
He has arthritis.
Nobody believes in him.
…. but nonetheless, Rocky Balbao is back.

Few months back, I had a really bad day and was really really frustrated. I went to watch “Rang De Basanti” all alone. Came back and wrote this review.

History repeated itself. Today I was again frustrated and went to the city (in Boss’ car), watched the night show of “Rocky Balbao” and came back in an auto. (Did I mention I stay around 25 kms away from the main city? The return journey alone costed me 270.00/-).

But no regrets whatsoever. Here I am writing about the movie.
But wait.
This time I don’t intend to make it a movie review. This post is more of a tribute to the frustrating days of my Final Year B.Tech.
The days when I lost everything…… well almost everything.

Back to the movie, when I wrote about RDB, I said it’s a great piece as a movie but as inspiration, it’s crap.
Not so with Rocky.

Rocky as a movie is okiee-dokiee.
But as a piece of inspiration it’s beautiful. Well at least for me.
I put the trailer on loop and played it the whole day…. well almost. Maybe that’s what pushed me to go for the movie in the evening. 🙂

The one dialog from the movie that almost killed me was,

“…it ain’t about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward…

That’s life… isn’t it! 🙂

The one thing that I loved about the movie was that it focussed on one simple funda, the funda that I’ve always implemented in my life, the funda that everybody’s aware of…
“…winning isn’t always important, fighting is.”

In fact I don’t even remember the last time I won… But am fighting anyways.
“Fighters Fight.” [from the movie]

Faisla hone se pahle, main bhala kyun haar manoon,
Jag abhi jeeta nahi hai, Main abhi haara nahi hoon!

After writing it all, I feel I may not have made any sense at all. May be because this was more of a personal “turbid” thought process and wasn’t meant to be posted. But I decided not to delete it anyways.