Sleepless Nights, Dizzy Days!

I have been working on “Java History” for the past few days. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. It’s finally done and has turned better than I thought it’d.
Hard Work definitely pays. 🙂
I might post a part of it on my Tech Blog. In fact I’ve used a part of it for an analysis of “Sun’s current strategy”.

People who know me, know that I am a pure nocturnal. I LOBH working during nights.
This habit, however, took a toll a few days back. In order to finish the Java Saga ASAP, I decided not to take many breaks; and ended up sleep deprived.
Sleepless (in Hyderabad) for more than 50 hours straight. (Okay okay. With a 3 hour nap pushed in somewhere. But “more than 50 hours straight” sounds good. 😀 )
There was a time when I couldn’t handle it anymore and….. ummm slept in the office (with pen and papers in hand 😀 ). My teammates took a picture of me.

Now, they need to learn about angles. [I am happy that my face is not so prominent though :P]


The man who defied tanks.

Can you imagine how would it feel to be blown by a tank?
Will there even be any scope to “feel”?
Man who defied Tanks
The lone protester who faced the tanks at Tianmen Square

The above picture was taken by photographer Jeff Widener on June 5th 1989 near Tianmen square. This picture was chosen by The Life Magazine as one of the 100 pictures that changed the world.
True inded!

There are times when people ask themselves a very simple, yet a very trivial question.
“What will I get by being RIGHT?”
Well the answer, IMHO, is that may be we won’t get anything, but we might bring about a little change somewhere. It also reminds me of The Line from the Schindler’s List: “One who saves a life, saves the world entire”.
So may be you won’t get anything for yourself, but you might end up changing the whole world.

Let’s take this lone protester for an instance. It was just back in 1989. This person might still be alive, but we don’t even know his name. We know him by names like, “The Tank Man” or “The Unknown Rebel”. Nothing else.

Oh Wait! We know one more thing.
We know that he stood in front of a queue of tanks for something he believed in.
We know that he did not move until some stand byers pulled him away.
And we know that we can do anything we believe in… because he could.

"Murdon ka Gaon" — Agnee

A few minutes ago, a friend of mine sent me the link to a beautiful video song “Sadho Re” by the band Agnee. I prefer to call the song “Murdo ka Gaon” though.

Based on people’s reaction to my previous entry, I think everyone would like it.
Most of the people would be affected by the lyrics of the song… however, I was worried about the little girl in the video.
Yeah I know, I am one crazy Ol’ man for sure! 😦

Here is the video:

Now, for people who do not understand hindi might want to have a look at this page.
It has the lyrics in hindi, english, and an english translation of the song as well. However, I feel it is more of a translation and lacks the deeper essence. Not that I am complaining. 🙂

Laghu Katha – I

If you’ve ever read hindi newspapers, then you probably know what a Laghu Katha is. It is the term for a very short story.
Punnen wrote a small essay on short films today. It reminded me of a laghu katha that I’d read a few years ago. It had/has a profound effect on me.
I thought I’d write my version of the story. Do let me know your views on the same. I might post some more stories in future.

The train reached on time. There wasn’t much rush at the railway station, however I was having a little difficulty finding an auto.

Suddenly, my attention was grabbed by a 10-11 year old girl, who was begging for something to eat. She reminded me of my niece, of same age, whom I had left several stations away. I couldn’t even wish her goodbye; didn’t want to wake her up so early.
Several thoughts clouded my mind. I was filled with empathy for this poor soul. I called her and gave her a 10 rupee note.

She looked at me for a while, and then looked around. Probably searching for something or someone. She then said, “Babuji, nobody comes towards the bushes besides platform 11. We can go there.”