The man who defied tanks.

Can you imagine how would it feel to be blown by a tank?
Will there even be any scope to “feel”?
Man who defied Tanks
The lone protester who faced the tanks at Tianmen Square

The above picture was taken by photographer Jeff Widener on June 5th 1989 near Tianmen square. This picture was chosen by The Life Magazine as one of the 100 pictures that changed the world.
True inded!

There are times when people ask themselves a very simple, yet a very trivial question.
“What will I get by being RIGHT?”
Well the answer, IMHO, is that may be we won’t get anything, but we might bring about a little change somewhere. It also reminds me of The Line from the Schindler’s List: “One who saves a life, saves the world entire”.
So may be you won’t get anything for yourself, but you might end up changing the whole world.

Let’s take this lone protester for an instance. It was just back in 1989. This person might still be alive, but we don’t even know his name. We know him by names like, “The Tank Man” or “The Unknown Rebel”. Nothing else.

Oh Wait! We know one more thing.
We know that he stood in front of a queue of tanks for something he believed in.
We know that he did not move until some stand byers pulled him away.
And we know that we can do anything we believe in… because he could.


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