Sleepless Nights, Dizzy Days!

I have been working on “Java History” for the past few days. It turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. It’s finally done and has turned better than I thought it’d.
Hard Work definitely pays. 🙂
I might post a part of it on my Tech Blog. In fact I’ve used a part of it for an analysis of “Sun’s current strategy”.

People who know me, know that I am a pure nocturnal. I LOBH working during nights.
This habit, however, took a toll a few days back. In order to finish the Java Saga ASAP, I decided not to take many breaks; and ended up sleep deprived.
Sleepless (in Hyderabad) for more than 50 hours straight. (Okay okay. With a 3 hour nap pushed in somewhere. But “more than 50 hours straight” sounds good. 😀 )
There was a time when I couldn’t handle it anymore and….. ummm slept in the office (with pen and papers in hand 😀 ). My teammates took a picture of me.

Now, they need to learn about angles. [I am happy that my face is not so prominent though :P]


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