The (Judgement) Day…

Today was supposed to be a Good Day…
< Sarcasm > Good it was… 🙂 < / Sarcasm >
The doctor, after examining my X-Ray report, confirmed that I have a disc-slip (if that’s medically correct way to say) towards my lower back. 🙂
Nah! Don’t worry (in case you are). The doc, an Oriya geek, sustained that it’s not *that* serious and also allowed me to work extra hours, as usual.
I must admit that I came across a sensible and smart Oriya chap after a pretty looong time 😉

Footnote: If the back-pain doesn’t kill me, my Oriya friends surely will.
अलिवदा दुनीया वालों [ Final Farewell, O bloody earthly creatures] 😉


3 thoughts on “The (Judgement) Day…

  1. Hey Mom! When the hell did you start blogging? :-/
    …What will I do being alive… nobody tells me anything 😦

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