Visuals inspiring Thoughts

As I sit here at Nagpur railway station at around 3 am in the morning, waiting for my train (yup, I am on vacation. Yippie :D), I have nothing interesting to do than to sit and look around. “Sit and look” because my back still hurts 😦

It’s situations like this when you are reminded that movies and life aren’t so different. There was a man talking to his son regarding family matters; a lady, holding her small child to her bosom, trying hard to stay awake… (these visuals reminded me of the opening scene of “Love Actually”)… and then there is broken platform floor, broken water pipes, beggars sleeping without anything to cover them. All this at the same platform

Looking around I saw an advertisement board for a Women’s College. What made it interesting was the following quote:

If a man is educated,
an individual is educated.
If a woman is educated,
whole family is educated.

I’ll leave the analysis of this quote to you. I’ve something else running on my mind. It’s interesting to note that one of the primary causes of almost all the problems in India (or as a matter of fact, in any country) is Education.
On the contrary, it is not a matter of surprise that a properly educated society can eradicate *most of* social problems.
I’ve also mentioned in a previous post that education, IMO, is an amazing business.

Now, can’t these two mix?

What I mean to say is that similar to the Free and Open Source Software business model, can’t we have a business model where education would be free (or very nominal) for the “customer” but at the same time, will generate enough revenue for the business owner? I know it sounds crazy. Mostly because FOSS industry has most of it’s earning from support, and there isn’t much of a “support” feature in the educational field… but I sincerely believe that there is a business model waiting to be discovered.

…and yes. I must mention that it’s not just a running thought. It has been on my mind for quite some time and a little developed than what I mentioned here.

Footnote: I’ve been relocated to Bangalore. I know I know, I haven’t informed a lot of people… but things flew petty fast. I’ll be there on 16th.


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