Adieu, Bhubaneswar!

As I write this, leaning to the window of the train with my headphones on (listening to Bawra Mann) and watching the rain outside once in a while, I realize that my life is going to change, yet again. I have been transferred, errr relocated, to Bangalore… where this train will drop me tomorrow morning.
But that’s not exactly what I am here to talk about. My vacation has come to an end and I would like to be a little nostalgic (and The Sadist, as Rohan named me) about my one day Bhubaneswar trip (21hrs +some minutes, to be more precise).
For those who do not know, I did my B.Tech. from Bhubaneswar… and I do not like the place…… or that’s what I used to think.

I reached Bhubaneswar at around 6:30 in the morning. Bus journeys make me a li’ll sick. As I got down, the whole world was spinning… showing me things and places that gave me company during those four years that shaped my life to a large extent. A lot has changed, but not everything. “Something’s never change”, she says. 🙂
I spent a little (cosy) time with Abhu Bhaiya at his room and then left for college to collect my certificates. These certificates were distributed during the valedictory, which I did not attend. This, I guess, explains my disgust towards the place in the best possible way. I met two of my children, Roahn and Nilu J, and roamed around the college. This is when I realized that… not everything has changed. The stupid places have been a little decorated, but they still take you back to those pathetic times…. to those lovely times. I met a number of people who had still remembered me. I admit that I was a little popular guy, but for God’s sake, it’s been over an year now.

After collecting the degree certificate, which is a proof that I am graduate now, we moved to CCD (Café Coffee Day). CCD had been one my best pals during the miserable final year. I sat with a few of old timers, including Adwitee and Sumandeep.
Anand (Nandu from here on), one of my then room mates, reminded us that I had spent my entire final year in CCD. I used to come to study here. 🙂
There was time when the CCD saff made my coffee free. 🙂
I could find no familiar staff as I entered. Later, however, I found Neal. He was the guy who had provided me my first cup of free coffee :). I was a little apprehensive whether he would remember me. He did and was pretty happy.
In fact we both were excited to see each other. For me, he was yet another pal from “those” days. I was already diving into nostalgia.

Later in the evening, I took Abhu Bhaiya for dinner at the MayFair Lagoon. This was the first time in my life when I felt like taking a drink. Abhu Bhaiya took one… I, however, resisted. I guess I was already intoxicated.
Luckily, Samir Bhau came over. We met after more than a year. My train was at 4:15 am and there was no question of going to sleep. We started Rock-4, followed by Rocky Balboa. Nandu had said that he’d drop me to the station and called up at 2 am. I asked him to come over.
Balboa was still not finished and Samir Bhau was taken over by the Sleepy hollow. I and Nandu decided sat on a small roadside bridge. This bridge had been our companion. We used to sit here, chat, drink tea-coffee, fight… what not. We started recollecting things from past… and discussing the present.

Some beautiful memories had gone hazy… while most painful still lay on the surface.
Sushant’s demise, undoubtedly, was the most shocking, and yet the most enlightening, event of my life. It taught me that my life can end in a fraction of a second, under the most unexpected conditions.
We talked on a lot of things, mostly personal. I realized that Nandu had become a little smarter with respect to his vision on life (I hope he doesn’t read this :D).

At the end of it all, I realized one very important thing. Just like we have to balance the space and time trade-offs in our codes, we have to balance our life between our happy and sadistic memories. It’s no other than me who has to decide whether I can bear those hapless memories at the cost of the hidden ecstatic few.

…and I guess I always knew the answers. Bhubaneswar does remind me of times that I don’t wish to remember; but it also “holds” the places where my fiends once believed in me. I might have said adieu today, but I would love to see you again Bhubaneswar. Thanks for bearing everything. 🙂

I love the following lines from the song “Yeh Honsla (sad version) from the movie Dor:

Dil mein yeh shor hai kyun,
Imaan kamzor hai kyun,
Nazzuk yeh Dor hain kyun….


17 thoughts on “Adieu, Bhubaneswar!

  1. tu ek baat bhul gaya… we also talked how our life is slowly teaching us that the change is the only constant but still how we r always scared of changes!! neway acha likha hai… kuch bhi ho tu bhukha nahi marega.. kuch na kuch likh ke pet puja jaroor kar lega…. neway the bhubaneswar will always wait for u.. and i know u’ll settle here only!! 🙂 ek oriya ladki se shaadi karega aur yahin rahega!!!! 🙂

  2. Maine mention kiya tha na be… We talked on a lot of things, mostly personal.
    Apparently, main aaj bhi sab kuchh share nahi karta 😀

    neway acha likha hai… kuch bhi ho tu bhukha nahi marega..
    Taarif ka shukriya. It doesn’t really happen among #-messites. I forgot to mention that we used to call our mess as #-Mess 🙂

    and i know u’ll settle here only!! 🙂 ek oriya ladki se shaadi karega aur yahin rahega!!!! 🙂
    Kiya na aakhir mein gaali khane ka kaam. Tum kukkur ki duum hai saala. Sudharega nahi.
    Bhubaneswar mein settle hone se achchha hum aatmhatya kar lunga.
    Waise tera case…. 😛 heeheehee

  3. nothing to say more about your visit…apart from…
    koi louta de mere beete hue din…and…yaad na jaye beete dinon ki….and…so….on….take care…

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  5. I love that song from the movie Dor…Both the versions…the movie was no great shakes though! Hope you enjoy B’lore as much as you enjoyed you college life in Bhubaneshwar! 🙂

  6. @Ruhi:
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂
    But nothing can recreate those days.
    Those were the most frustrating, sadistic,… yet the most ecstatic days 🙂
    I guess I can substitute them with the word, LIFE.

  7. @Bipin, Yeah I know what you mean 🙂 I’m desperately holding onto my last days of “freedom”. I’m not really looking forward to sitting in the office from 8-5!

  8. ana ek aur baar BBSR …fir dekhti hun kaise zinda wapas jaoge…gunde[waise i need not hire gundas…thr were many from our coll itself who might recognise you n kill u easily] nahi laga diya to mera naam kutta rout rakh dena…[okie only dialoguing 🙂 ]

  9. @Ruhi:
    That’s a very common misconception.
    Even the Chapter-2:Shloka-47 of Bhagavad Geeta says,
    “O Man! Thou shalt not have a last name,
    but thou middle name is suffering ||” 😛

    Jokes apart, I completely agree and that’s why I respect woman. In fact, it won’t be wrong to if I call myself a feminist.
    And BTW, Chapter-2:Shloka-47 is “Karmanye Wadhikarste, MaFaleshu….”
    I cite it every time I have to sell crap 😀

    Bahot bhubaneswar waali ho gayi be?
    Challenge taken Pakhaalu keonjhariya…. heeheehee 😛

  10. Hey Bipin,

    dude awesome post…!!!!
    change a few things here n there and this cud be my story…..

    like change bhubaneshwar for Bhopal[ where i did my BE from]….i got nostalgic after reading this post man…

    and imagine my plight..i have to go through Bhopal everytime i gotta go home.

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