Poetry Blog Launched.

This post comes from yet another train journey. I am going to Bhilai for… ummmm.. may be 2.5 days. 🙂

Anyways, it’s a long journey (in 3 different trains), so I guess I better save my battery and let you know that we’ve launched a new poetry blog: Bawre Mureed. It’ll have poetry by Baba Bulleh Shah, Gulzar, & Mirza Ghalib. We will also try to includes explanations (as per our limited understandings). Typically, the explanations will be written by Me (for Baba Bulleh Shah), Mureed (for Gulzar), & Gaurav (for Mirza Ghalib). The blog was launched long back, but we were busy (and lazy) enough to keep the posts… almost nil.

I know this may not excite many people. But I am sure most of you like poetry. So if you ever feel like writing something, feel free to drop us a mail. We’ll post it on the blog with full credit to you and link to your blog. This will, hopefully, boost the number of visitors to you blog. 🙂

p.s.: In case you are wondering what does “Mureed” mean; read the blog title. You can easily compute the meaning. 🙂


Laghu Katha – III

After a genuine ingenious post, I am back to copying stuff and then garnishing them “ma way”. 🙂
I’d read this piece at some random place and was reminded of it while thinking about the third short story. I present you my version of the story.

There lived a girl at the hills. She met an accident at the age of 7 and lost her sight.
Sight, however, was not the only thing that she lost. The accident also took away her smile, her happiness… her confidence… and worst, her faith in everything… everyone.

She now preferred to be alone.
She loved the sound of rain as her companion. She used to sit near the window for hours, listening to the sounds of rain, frogs, birds… and trying to separate them. When it was not rainining, she would go to the hills and listen to the birds… and would sometimes… fly with them.

The hills, apparently, don’t just have birds. She met him one fine day… and became close in no time. He seemed to be the only one who seemed to understand her. She was the one who completed him.

The day he proposed her to marry him was the day of heavy rains. But she didn’t have any confidence left in her. Moreover, she realized that she didn’t trust him SO much. She put the condition, even heavier than the rains, “I’ll marry you the day I get my sight back”. She knew that’d never happen again.

Months passed. One cloudy day her brother informed that the doctor says that she might get her sight back, after a tiny-miny cornea transplant operation. The clear sky brought her sight back. She could now separate the water, the frogs, and the birds… with her eyes too.

A few days later he came to meet her and reminded her of the promise… but…. he…. he is blind too.
“Is that the reason he understood me…. could relate to me? I can… no… I cannot live with him. I wanted him to be my support… not to become his sight.”, she thought and… denied. It was not an easy decision, but she had to.

It was tough to differentiate and decide which was heavier, the rain pouring on the roof… or the rain pouring on his cheeks. He stood to leave, but turned around at the gate… looked straight at her… as if he could look deep into her eyes… and said with tear flowing down his eyes, “Take care of yourslef… and…… my eyes!”

Okay! I failed to make this one a Laghu Katha.

My Nokia Battery (BL-5C) *gasp* MIGHT blast!

Yesterday, I made an entry to let all my readers know about the latest threat to their lives and property that may occur due to the Nokia BL-5C batteries manufatured between Dec’05 and Nov’06. I also provided the link to check if the battery is one of those that need to be replaced.

Today, I realized that I am one of the *lucky* few. 😦

Update: My younger brother is also on the list. I guess my previous batter that melted down was in the league too. Is someone from Nokia listening???

Product Advisory For my BL-5C :(

Your Nokia Batteries (BL-5C) MIGHT blast!

After the Dell (in)famous battery explosion news.. not so long ago; it’s the turn of Nokia batteries. However, the risk lies only for the batteries manufactured  by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006.

If you wish to check for your safety (of course you want to) and get the batteries replace, check out here.


Press Release: http://www.nokia.com/A4136001?newsid=1146281 

Fake Steve Jobs Revealed

Arpit had a joint post on the probable revealation of FSJ (Fake Steve Jobs), along with the info on Exif Data revealations of the Harry Potter book images.

Anyways, the new news is that FSJ has been busted for real. It’s work of a New York Times reporter Brad Stone. The FSJ is Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes Magazine.


Although Daniel says that he’s surprised that it took so long for people to reveal his real identity, yet it doesn’t really seem that he’s happy about it… or even okay. He looks pretty upset with Brad though 🙂

Link: http://fakesteve.blogspot.com/2007/08/damn-i-am-so-busted-yo.html

Footnote: There are times when I post something on both blogs of mine. This post is one of them 🙂

Laghu Katha – II

3rd Aug’07: 10:30 AM
Dear Diary,
I hate Bhaiya (elder brother). He again complained to Papa (father) about me and then Papa beat me. He always wants to be noticed by Papa. He is just 2 years older than me and thinks that he is very matured. Why doesn’t he understand that I am not his little kid sister. I am 6 years old now. I wish I grow old quickly. No one will say anything to me then.
I hate him… I hate him… I hate him….

3rd Aug’07:10:30PM
Dear Diary,
Bhaiya is crying and there is nothing I can do. Papa will beat me too if I say anything. But he did not do anything bad diary. He was just watching that stupid TV show where those foreigners wear red colored dresses and run around the beach. Even Papa watches it. I don’t understand why Papa got so angry. I don’t want to grow old diary. It’s so confusing. I don’t think I’ll ever be so mature to understand all of it.
I just want Bhaiya to be happy right now. 😦


Well. After the translation of a story, I’d read years ago, as Laghu Kata – I I thought it’d be a good idea to write something on my own. I realize that I won’t be write something of the stature as Laghu Katha – I. Quite apparently, I am a little conscious and thus feel the obligation to mention that I’ve tried to write from the point of view of a 6 year old girl, and touch the following points:

  1. A child’s innocence, reflected even when she tries to hate her “enemy”
  2. The love for her brother, at the time of trouble
  3. A child’s attempt to be more like his role model by imitating whatever he does.
  4. Hypocrisy of adults (read us)

All said and done, it was a deliberate attempt to map innocence to females, and hypocrisy to males. 🙂