Laghu Katha – II

3rd Aug’07: 10:30 AM
Dear Diary,
I hate Bhaiya (elder brother). He again complained to Papa (father) about me and then Papa beat me. He always wants to be noticed by Papa. He is just 2 years older than me and thinks that he is very matured. Why doesn’t he understand that I am not his little kid sister. I am 6 years old now. I wish I grow old quickly. No one will say anything to me then.
I hate him… I hate him… I hate him….

3rd Aug’07:10:30PM
Dear Diary,
Bhaiya is crying and there is nothing I can do. Papa will beat me too if I say anything. But he did not do anything bad diary. He was just watching that stupid TV show where those foreigners wear red colored dresses and run around the beach. Even Papa watches it. I don’t understand why Papa got so angry. I don’t want to grow old diary. It’s so confusing. I don’t think I’ll ever be so mature to understand all of it.
I just want Bhaiya to be happy right now. 😦


Well. After the translation of a story, I’d read years ago, as Laghu Kata – I I thought it’d be a good idea to write something on my own. I realize that I won’t be write something of the stature as Laghu Katha – I. Quite apparently, I am a little conscious and thus feel the obligation to mention that I’ve tried to write from the point of view of a 6 year old girl, and touch the following points:

  1. A child’s innocence, reflected even when she tries to hate her “enemy”
  2. The love for her brother, at the time of trouble
  3. A child’s attempt to be more like his role model by imitating whatever he does.
  4. Hypocrisy of adults (read us)

All said and done, it was a deliberate attempt to map innocence to females, and hypocrisy to males. 🙂


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