Your Nokia Batteries (BL-5C) MIGHT blast!

After the Dell (in)famous battery explosion news.. not so long ago; it’s the turn of Nokia batteries. However, the risk lies only for the batteries manufactured  by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006.

If you wish to check for your safety (of course you want to) and get the batteries replace, check out here.


Press Release: 


8 thoughts on “Your Nokia Batteries (BL-5C) MIGHT blast!

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  2. Sir,

    My name is Ravi BG,as per your advertisement i am keep using NOKIA mobile 6030.

    Batery: BL – 5C 1020 mAh
    3.7 V

    Batery NO: 06704004620400242A10801608
    Made in China.

    Awaiting your Quick Reply………………?


  3. MY BATTERY IS BL 5C IN MY MOBILE SET 1100.BUT IM NOt getting how to replace it and the correct site also tell me where to give the 26 digit serial no. of the battery

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