My Nokia Battery (BL-5C) *gasp* MIGHT blast!

Yesterday, I made an entry to let all my readers know about the latest threat to their lives and property that may occur due to the Nokia BL-5C batteries manufatured between Dec’05 and Nov’06. I also provided the link to check if the battery is one of those that need to be replaced.

Today, I realized that I am one of the *lucky* few. 😦

Update: My younger brother is also on the list. I guess my previous batter that melted down was in the league too. Is someone from Nokia listening???

Product Advisory For my BL-5C :(


6 thoughts on “My Nokia Battery (BL-5C) *gasp* MIGHT blast!

  1. …and Bips is one among them. Doesn’t happen often, you see.

    You know what. As I’ve only one power plug in my room, it used to serve my Bittu (Laptop) while I am awake.
    Just before going sleep, I’d plug-in the cell… 4-8 inches from face, to be more precise. 😀

  2. @Bipin: Looks like this time im safe..That Nokia site said this to me “fat chance buddy.Theres no way we’re replacing your battery”..well they said it much professionally but thats the jist 😉

  3. @Bentley: They said the same thing for my other battery… I was heartbroken too 😦
    But later when they agreed to replace my other battery, I wasn’t happy either.
    I guess that’s what makes me a sadist 😛

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