A weekend outside home, and without laptop!

After Swenny’s and Johnny’s posts, I feel a comfortable obligation to commit my part of code too. I say obligation because I was abstaining from posting these pictures… and comfortable because it’s not an obligation in literal terms.

In case, you haven’t read Swenny’s or Johnny’s posts, Swenny made a Bangalore visit (like anyone cared). He brought SUSE, Kubuntu, and all the Star Wars movies, so that I can watch them and become a geek, by definition. But he didn’t bring the Scrubs. Ras**l!!
I also had the (much awaited) chance to catch up Johnny, finally. It’s nice to meet such Geeky people who would listen to your jokes, when you relate something in life to GPLv3, and might laugh with you… instead of laughing at you. 😐


The first pic shows how Swenny insists on serving food with a fork and a spoon (and spill it all over), even when he can simply pour it down like Johnny. 😛


The second pic is actually a warning for people, to hide their camera cellphones when they meet Swenny, OR to be prepared for him to take his own picture and set it as wallpaper on your cell. I haven’t changed the wallpaper yet, by the way. 😐

Couldn’t take any of Johnny’s pics though. Hoping to catch up with him sometime and discuss about things I am working on, and discuss about things he’s working on, and discuss about things in my mind, and discuss about…. aah! Never mind. 🙂


17 thoughts on “A weekend outside home, and without laptop!

  1. @Ruhi:
    Yuck! No formal education for me anymore. Moreover, I don’t need to be taught how to take over the world 😛
    These references were just for Swenny Darling (as in Mona Darling). I do not want HER to feel shy while speaking Inglis.

  2. @Priyanshu:
    But that would cost me additional 12K 😦
    EOS 350D would come for 28K.

    Actually, I was targetting Nikon 40Dx initially but that’s out of reach. Some experts said that Canon EOS 350D is better Nikon 40D. So finally, I’ve zeroed down on 350D. It also comes at a 24 month EMI of 1167/- 🙂

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