Lord, Save my country!

Just for the record, today is Cricket T20 WorldCup final match which is to be played against India and Pakistan… in a couple of minutes.

Firstly, it’s a 20-20 over match, so people who never cared about watching it have started following the matches. Although, I am personally not in favour of them, I cannot deny that the excitement is unmatchable. Secondly, it’s between India and Pakistan —the all time favorite rivals.

Cricket: The game of Rioting was a joint venture between India and Pakistan. The tradition now is that once any cricket match is over, everyone must riot and burn down a stand. This also keeps the youths in the country employed. Pakistan is India’s long time rival in both games, cricket & rioting, of which India has won all.

—Courtesy, Uncylopdia 🙂

Back to the topic; the office has become a barren planet. Although there are a few creatures alive, they are expected to be extinct in a few minutes.

I have recieved several mails to since morning that have urged me to LEAVE the office and watch the WAR OF THE WORLDS. Here’re the unedited versions:

Mail #1

I have to watch India Pakistan T20 Final today…


Will you allow me to go home early today or not ???








Mail #2:

This one is based on the famous sattar-minute (70 minutes) speech by Shahruk Khan in the Movie ChakDe India.

40 overs, 40 overs hain humare paas,…… hamari zindgi ke shayad sabse khaaaaaas….. 40 over. Aaj hum match dekhein ya na dekhein par ye 40 over hamein zindgi bhar yaad rahenge…. To aaj match kahan dekhna hai ye main tumhe nahin bataunga, bus itna kahunga ki jao aur ye 40 over jee bhar kar dekh lo…… Kyun ki iske baad aane wali zindgi mein chahe kuch sahi ho ya na ho, dhoni-yuvraj rahein ya na rahein, chahe india final mein pahunche ya na pahunche lekin yeeeehhhhh 40 overs tumse koi nahin cheen sakta, koi nahin. ……

……….. To maine socha hai ki is match ko kahan dekhna ye aaj main tumhe nahin batunga balki tum mujhe bataoge… dekhkar, kyunki main jaanta hun ki yeh 40 over agar is desh ka har baccha baccha apna support Hindustan ko de gaya to ye 40 over khuda bhi humse vaapas nahin maang sakta…..

To jao, jao aur kisi dukaan par, apne office ke cafeteria main, kisi chaurahe pe lagi kisi screen par ya apne ghar me rakhe color TV par ye 40 over dekh daalo…..

Come on people, india needs our support today…… leave office at 4.00 max….

Chakk de……………………

Now, I am no more worried about us as a Nation… it’s definitely growing stronger… but (I know I’ll be called a traitor killed for saying this) aren’t we supposed to work???

You try to find out the answer, I’ll be leaving to watch the match 😛


13 thoughts on “Lord, Save my country!

  1. Thank God someone explained what’s meant by this “Twenty20”. At the expense of sounding stupid, I’m admitting that I didn’t even know what’s meant by that term 😛 I’ll try to watch a couple of overs…the Indian Student Association here is very excited and all Indians plan to watch the big event together..lol.

  2. @Johnny:
    Declare national holiday???? Do you really think there is a formal need for it? hehe

    As mentioned earlier, I’m not really in favour of this T20, but I have to admit that it has decreased the National Holidays to Half Days. At least people work during the first half 😉

    Yes! I was watching the match when I received when your comment…
    … and what a match it was!
    The last wicket almost took our breath away. Phew!

  3. There is that joke running around.

    Mizbah (that’s his name right?) hit that last shot thinking there was no fielder on that side but little did he know that there’s a mallu in every corner of the world1 🙂


  4. Haha… I didn’t know about this one. There’s another one I know (Although it’s a li’ll rude)… and btw his name is Misbah (as printed on his Jersey).

    “Knock Knock”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Misbah Who?”
    “Mis-bah five runs” 🙂

  5. India , has now won the world cup . , then defeated the Australlia ,in the t20 match , and now they are going to take on Pakistan , from today , in India , . wow,
    come on India………

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