Introducing Paad-Casting; & Jacob, Johnny Jacob :)

Introduce a Paad-Casting portal/blog, If you are aware of PodCasting then Paad-Casting is nothing but PodCasting in Hinglish.

You might want to listen the lastest Paad-Cast. It humorously describes the misery of a web developer (or UI developer to be more precise). Here is the post, and here is the download link.

Now, introducing a completely fresh face in the bollywood.

Jacob, Johnny Jacob

The name is Jacob, Johnny Jacob

Rumours are that the bombastic actor has only two portraits till date. One of them is posted above (and is expected to be slashdotted in a couple of minutes). They can also be located at Take notice of the notes, when you visit. 😛


Sawariya… manifestation of a dream!

Yes, this post is about the movie Sawariya… and No, it’s not a review.
“So! Why is it here then?”, you ask.

It’s here to:
1. give me another platform to let me talk about dreams, 😛
2. prevent (most of) you from watching Sawariya.


So first thing first. Sawariya isn’t for everyone.
It’s only for people who are dreamers to the extent of insanity. Who believe in their dreams to the extent of insanity. Who do not believe in the concept of “what business demands”, rather work for quenching their artistic thirst.

If you fall into any of these categories, then also remember that dreams are mostly illogical. They, however, provide a sense of ecstasy to the dreamer (most of the times). Similarly, do not try to find any logic in the movie… or it’s characters… or the location. The characters are larger than life portraits… having a heart of gold regardless of their profession. The location is a dreamland that you would only find when you are mesmerized with a gloomy happiness.

Sawariya, apart from being a movie, is also vivid example of the difference between the work of a businessman and an artist. A businessman creates a product keeping the requirement and demand of the market. An artist, on the other hand, works for her/his own passion. His primary need (not the goal) is his own satisfaction.

Sawariya, clearly, is the manifestation of the dream of an artist named Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

“My” Canon, and the RFC 2616 puzzle

I finally bought it… a little sooner than I’d expected.


It’s a Canon EOS 350D, priced at Rs. 29k (minus a few rupees).
Of course, I bought it on installment 🙂

Now, before you start wondering that how in the hell did I manage to connect a DSLR with an RFC, let me specify that both are discrete topics, mashed into one blog post. The camera post ends here, and the wierd saga of RFC 2616 begins next.

Along with my work on web security, I’m also training a few people on PHP. I’ve to get them ready by 30th of November. So after the first session I calculated the number of person-hours we were spending on the training. I did this to have an idea of the scope of my work and the impact it might have (considering that currently we don’t have ANY PHP resources).

Number of working days = 28 days
Total number of hours in hand (8 hrs/day) = 28X8 = 224 hours
Number of person-hourse (9 trainees) = 224X9 = 2016 person-hours
Now adding a value 600, we get = 2616
…which is the RFC in which HTTP protocol 1.1 is defined… and RFC 2616 is something I always emphasize in trainings/talks. 😐

I know, I know that I sound insane… and may be I am. So please bear a little more dose of my insanity 😛

All this made me wonder, what is the significance of this 600? Where does/should it come from?

Yesterday, when I was on my way to buy this camera, I saw a family on a scooter.
It’s number was KA***2016 😐

I am still thinking…

[Discussion Forum] Coffee or Lappy???

With this post, I am starting a series of completely weirdo posts where I’ll post (wierd) questions and would seek your views.
The first question in the series:

Given a choice to choose either of the two —Coffee or Laptop (/desktop) for your entire life and sacrifice the other, which one would you choose? 😐

This might come very easily to some but has boggled me for some time, considering that I’ve given up coffee a number of times in the past 😛