“My” Canon, and the RFC 2616 puzzle

I finally bought it… a little sooner than I’d expected.


It’s a Canon EOS 350D, priced at Rs. 29k (minus a few rupees).
Of course, I bought it on installment 🙂

Now, before you start wondering that how in the hell did I manage to connect a DSLR with an RFC, let me specify that both are discrete topics, mashed into one blog post. The camera post ends here, and the wierd saga of RFC 2616 begins next.

Along with my work on web security, I’m also training a few people on PHP. I’ve to get them ready by 30th of November. So after the first session I calculated the number of person-hours we were spending on the training. I did this to have an idea of the scope of my work and the impact it might have (considering that currently we don’t have ANY PHP resources).

Number of working days = 28 days
Total number of hours in hand (8 hrs/day) = 28X8 = 224 hours
Number of person-hourse (9 trainees) = 224X9 = 2016 person-hours
Now adding a value 600, we get = 2616
…which is the RFC in which HTTP protocol 1.1 is defined… and RFC 2616 is something I always emphasize in trainings/talks. 😐

I know, I know that I sound insane… and may be I am. So please bear a little more dose of my insanity 😛

All this made me wonder, what is the significance of this 600? Where does/should it come from?

Yesterday, when I was on my way to buy this camera, I saw a family on a scooter.
It’s number was KA***2016 😐

I am still thinking…


12 thoughts on ““My” Canon, and the RFC 2616 puzzle

  1. Nice. So you finally got your Cam. Hmm ..But with what did you take the Pic? Why is it so green? Hmm and when did you become and expert in PHP ? I thought you were the casual PHP programmer?

  2. @Swen: The pic was taken by another Canon digi-cam. I manipulated it, that’s why it’s green 😛
    I didn’t want it to be so green, but the color of the wall is green too. Hence the intensity had to be increased.
    Actually, PHP was my first love in programming/scripting languages. I’d lost touch for more than one year, and this was a good opportunity… and hey. I don’t do anything casually. Not even photography 😛

    @Pres*: Take both. 🙂
    By the way, I must say that I like your pictures.

    Thanks 🙂
    I hope to do it but workload is pretty heavy.
    I’ll probably make a new flickr account and upload the pics… as I learn to take better ones. 🙂

    None found the rfc thing interesting/crazy/dumb 😦

  3. I was wondering what kind of a**h*** you are.. !!! Read ur few blogs.. Seems you write stuff which you make ur picture to other’s tat u r one hip guy .. What the f*** man..!!Rubbish.. !!! Your blogs are seems to be written by one loser kind of guy.. !! Might be u are working with some IT company.. so u think tat u knw technology.. A**.. !! They are hundred thousands guys doing same thing.. But atleast they dont try to post all this sisi blogs.. For your good.. stop man.. its not too late to come out of this illusion.. !!! May god give u some brain n wise thot.. !!

  4. @ Swen : This is called p***s sympathy..!!!
    [The faint, lingering feeling of vicarious pain most men feel when they hear of another man in a situation where his p***s has been injured. ] 🙂

  5. @TOM:
    You should have noted the last time that I edited your comment to censor explicit terms. I don’t like to see them on my blog. Please make sure that they don’t appear the next time, which I hope there will be.

  6. Hey Chap.. Relax.. !!! I am not such a bad critic.. !!! I do appreciate stuffs..!! But don’t know why I didn’t see anything original n creative at your blogs. Though you try to inscribe good…!! That doesn’t matter to you…. right…!!! O.k… !! Carry On… There will be always dumb f**k’s to read n follow your piece of writing.
    Have good time n eh.. All the best.. !!!

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