Sawariya… manifestation of a dream!

Yes, this post is about the movie Sawariya… and No, it’s not a review.
“So! Why is it here then?”, you ask.

It’s here to:
1. give me another platform to let me talk about dreams, 😛
2. prevent (most of) you from watching Sawariya.


So first thing first. Sawariya isn’t for everyone.
It’s only for people who are dreamers to the extent of insanity. Who believe in their dreams to the extent of insanity. Who do not believe in the concept of “what business demands”, rather work for quenching their artistic thirst.

If you fall into any of these categories, then also remember that dreams are mostly illogical. They, however, provide a sense of ecstasy to the dreamer (most of the times). Similarly, do not try to find any logic in the movie… or it’s characters… or the location. The characters are larger than life portraits… having a heart of gold regardless of their profession. The location is a dreamland that you would only find when you are mesmerized with a gloomy happiness.

Sawariya, apart from being a movie, is also vivid example of the difference between the work of a businessman and an artist. A businessman creates a product keeping the requirement and demand of the market. An artist, on the other hand, works for her/his own passion. His primary need (not the goal) is his own satisfaction.

Sawariya, clearly, is the manifestation of the dream of an artist named Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


16 thoughts on “Sawariya… manifestation of a dream!

  1. “The location is a dreamland that you would only find when you are mesmerized with a gloomy happiness.”

    So true. It’s almost suffocating. I hated this movie. Fast forwarded it and got done in 30 mins. It has a song every 5 mins!!

  2. It’s almost suffocating. I hated this movie…

    Almost everyone I know did 😛
    In fact I’ll post a small mail I recieved:

    To say Saawariya is a crappy movie would not be correct. Horrendously Ridiculous comes close, but it doesn’t really capture the essence of the absurdity that this movie is. After watching this movie I felt like tying up Sanjay Leela Bansali alone in a room, forcing him to watch a
    cockroach chase a spider round-and-round a water fountain for 3 hours that too in blue light. Because seriously, that’s what this entire movie is. It’s two grossly untalented kids, who probably got kicked out of college for lack of attendance and ended up on this set to spend the rest of the day. And for the love of God, I can’t figure out why the whole movie is in blue! Maybe the director was trying to get every frame half-black half-blue so that the WinZip compression would work better to save some electrons, what with all the global warming and all. That’s the best explanation I could come up with, because nothing else can explain the lack of daylight (or plain light, for that matter) in this movie.

    Sawaariya is one long song with some breaks for dialog. And by dialog I mean girly giggling by the chic and some punch-me-in-the-face expressions accompanied by pig-like grunting by the hero. One wonders if all the actors are the props and the set is the real star in this movie. I came really close to concluding that the bridge-over-the-fake-river is the central star of the movie, because everyone of the other actors looks like they were made of rock. And the rocks had moss growing over them. And the rocks were painted blue.

    But then I must also re-repeat that I Lobhed the movie. Will probably watch it one more time. 🙂

  3. i completely agree with u bhaiya…its not a movie for everyone…its a movie for u and me…the entire world can go and say tht it was a crappy movie..but i wud still say tht it was one of the finest movies tht i watched till date…it is truly the manifestation of a dream…the mixture of emotions tht one feels in the end cannot be put into words neither can it be described…its simply beautiful… 🙂

  4. @Bipin, Does this mean that you liked this movie??? 😐

    If this is an art, then I think people need to watch some movies that also make use of the color blue, but in such a subtle manner that it looks extremely natural…as if no other color would do that frame justice. In this movie, SLB has used the color blue forcibly, which looks really trite and doesn’t put the message across.

  5. @Ruhi: 🙂
    Yup! I loved the movie 🙂

    Firstly, I never talked about the blue color. In fact, you’d be amazed (so am I) that till now I haven’t been able to relate to the all blue talk. Very very strangely, I didn’t notice it in the movie. (May be you downloaded the movie and it’s pretty prominent due to the print. May be… Or may be I was too engrossed by the dreamland that it felt natural to me.)
    Secondly, I tried to emphasize the word dream. In dreams, things are pretty haphazard and don’t make sense in real life. Pretty much same in the movie. (Moreover, a 2+ hour long dream which is not yours is a little too much to handle.) However, it does emphasize human emotions quite beautifully (although a little dramatically. So, I’ll once again take the excuse of a dream. 😉 )
    Thirdly and most importantly, don’t you think that art, as compared to a dream, is pretty subjective? I mean a third person might not even give a second glance to something that we both adore. The Monalisa might be puzzling for a few, but just a picture of a lady w/o eyebrows for others. 🙂

    I’ve already said that it might be pretty tough for a lot of people to even handle the movie. I am, however, a Piscean… and that gives me a license to dream, you know 😉

  6. Again this crappy bugger started off with his futile sermon …. !!! Ufff..!!! n eh chap plz dont reply back.. I knw ur modest n humble replies.. Thanks in advance…!!!

  7. @TOM:
    You surprise me dude. I really wonder why would someone spend time to read and comment on something that he/she detests. 🙂
    Either you are on mission to clean-up the blogosphere, or there is something that you like about my blog.
    In the latter case, you might want to try out my other blogs and advise me on things that I need to change in them too… or may be, even pull them down.

    Oh and yes! Thanks for enhancing my endurance level. 🙂


    … DON’T bore other people with these silly dreams 😦

    That was for me or SLB. 😐
    I didn’t make the movie. Honestly! 😀

  8. (Laughing my heads off at TOM and Bipin’s exchange of words).

    Anyway, that was for SLB. 🙂 He shouldn’t dream in such a scary manner and make our dreamers dream such silly dreams such that they never will never dare to come out of their dream- like state and to see another dream in their less-than-dreamy lives.

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