Back, I am… :(

I finally made it after more than 18 months. I finally defied every problem and paid my village a visit.
The perks were amazing -bad health for 8/11 days (with the effects still audible), slow internet etc. etc. However, meeting your grandparents, and cousins is something that’s belittles these perks. Moreover, getting sick helped me stay away from work, which is pretty hard to resist. On the downside, I was almost cut-off from the net. So if you were wondering why haven’t I commented your blogs for so long, you know the reason now.

The itinerary was from 29th Nov.-10th Dec was Bangalore – Bhubaneswar – MyVillage near Banaras – Rampur – Moradabad – Delhi – Bangalore. Most of the time was spent at my village, but I also got to attend Barsha didi’s marriage and meet other relatives at other locations too.

Quite obviously, I took a greaat deal of pictures, some of which have come out real well. Here’s my favourite picture of me and my Dadaji (GrandPa). It was taken by my uncle who gave the caption “There’s no generation gap”, considering that there isn’t any gap between us. Another friend of mine reminded me that our body structure and the way we walk is a lot similar.

I also shared it with a few friends. Johnny and Lalit mailed me to inform that they are using it as their wallpaper 🙂

Me & Dadaji

Click here to see it in full size. There a lot of other new pictures on my flickr account.


9 thoughts on “Back, I am… :(

  1. Hey Bips!

    That’s another good work of yours…

    Nice post addendum to your blog…

    I really liked the pic…

    I guess, you can participate in photography contest or likes… 😉


  2. @Srikanth:
    Dude! I didn’t know you read my blog too. Glad to know that now 🙂

    And I wish too that I could participate sometime… in fact I hope that, but not now. Considering my expertise level and availability of time, definitely not now 🙂

  3. Yeah, nice 2 c u back… the pic is grt. Too good in fact. Btw, I wonder if it’d have come out as nice if u’d taken it. Checkd out ur other pics. Some of dem r real gud.

  4. @indisch:

    I wonder if it’d have come out as nice if u’d taken it.

    You doubting my ability 😦
    Actually, I am not sure if there was any better way of taking it. There’s a colored pic too but it doesn’t have the same touch. Again, looking at the colored pic, I also felt that the timing of this picture couldn’t have ANY better.

    Checkd out ur other pics. Some of dem r real gud.

    Thanks 🙂
    I’d be glad to know which pics you liked and which you didn’t. I would like to work on my strengths and weaknesses 🙂
    (You may leave your comments on the flickr itself, as and when you have time.)

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