Tum Chalo… (India’s New Anthem)

Update: You can watch the show, Lead India, every Saturday evening 8 PM IST on Star One. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

I suggest that you read further only after watching the complete video, even if you have seen it in the past… even a few minutes ago 🙂

If you wish to download the video, I have a copy on my server.


It’s one of the various promotional ads for the Lead India initiative (another reality show) by the Times of India group. It’s written by Gulzar Saab, music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and sung by Shankar Mahadevan. It’s being termed as the new anthem. An amazing number of people find it inspiring, and a few find it a wave similar to Rang De Basanti.

The “different” aspect, however, of this reality show is that it promises to deliver leaders (or politicians) who have the potential to lead and to change things that we all keep complaining about, but never stand to oppose. It’s unfortunate that not just other news channels, but even we have all have been ignoring, if not mocking, it. IMHO, it’s a pretty amazing move. Try to keep an eye on the happenings.
To appreciate the video even more, I thought it’d be good if people could understand the lyrics.

Falak pakad ke utho, aur hawa pakad ke chalo, –2
Tum chalo, to hindustan chale –4

Lagao haath ke suraj subah nikala karein, ]
Hatheliyon mein bhare dhoop aur uchhala karein, ]–2
Ufaq pe paav rakho, aur chalo akad ke chalo,
Falak pakad ke utho, aur hawa pakad ke chalo, –2
Tum chalo, to hindustan chale –4

Although the song has only too pretty uncommon urdu words -Falak (Sky), and Ufaq (Horizon), yet the video is so gripping that a number of people just ignore the magical web of words that Gulzar saab has created.

The video attempts to convey a very simple message –stop complaining and be the change.
It reminds me of Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lines:

Main akeyla hi chala tha Jaanib-e-mazil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, Kaarvan banta gaya!

Similarly, the lyrics of the song convey a very simple message –have a pride in your existence and your actions. Nothing is “big” enough for you. This message has a very special significance. Most of us, the Indians, have a good inferiority complex. Leave other aspects, we don’t believe that an Indian movie can be better (or may be even as good as) a Hollywood movie.

Here is a literal translation of lyrics of the New Anthem:
Disclaimer: The lines below are just translation, not a poetic translation.

Hold the sky to stand, and walk with the wind in your hands,
Be the front-runner; because when you walk, Hindustan (India) walks with you.

Lend your hand to pull out the Sun in the morning,
Fill your hands with sunlight, and throw it around,
Keep you legs on the horizon, and walk with pride,
Hold the sky to stand, and walk with the wind in your hands,
Be the front-runner;
because when you walk, Hindustan (India) walks with you.

If it doesn’t shake you up, just imagine yourself doing all this literally. Imagine yourself pushing the Sun and being the reason for the sunrise. Imagine yourself walking with your leg on the horizon, as you walk holding the gusty winds like a rope.
That’s the kind of pride and courage needed if ones wishes to change and challenge the world.
Remember, the Tank Man?

Anyhoo! Here’s another video (not from the Lead India campaign), that I found on YouTube.


45 thoughts on “Tum Chalo… (India’s New Anthem)

  1. Awesome videos Bipin 🙂 I saw both of them. I have heard a lot about the Lead India movement. In fact, I was in India when ToI started it. Right now, I feel very patriotic.

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  3. @Ruhi:
    I’d missed the first three episodes, but watched the fourth yesterday. I also read about the previous episodes and the participants on their site. These people are really dynamic.
    I am pretty disappointed that the other lady, Soumya Mishra, had to disqualified for not being able to make into 3 consecutive episodes. She is an IPS, and if what I have read about her is true, then she’s really good.

    Let’s hope something good comes out of it.

  4. I don’t know about the details of this show…don’t know where to watch it online. 🙂

    But I do feel like a nikamma after watching that video and hearing about all the things that these people are doing for the country.

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  6. @indisch:
    I think I’d written a similar statement regarding the democracy of India on your blog.
    Considering the troubles we have in every direction in our country -Kashmir, Tamil extremities, Eastern and Bihari naxals, Punjabi extremists, and not to mention troubles in Delhi, Mumbai etc. etc. – for me, Indian democracy is a complete miracle.

    It’s really sad that we keep looking at the dirty aspects and completely ignore the beautiful people all around. A big thanks to the media too.

    …par woh zindagi hi kya jismein koi namumkin sapna na ho. 🙂
    –Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Khamoshi.

  7. This video is really great. I feel proud of my country. I request all readers to post comments & suggestions to make our country much better even if we are far away from our country. All NRIs are welcome with their ideas and suggestion.

    Jai HInd!!

  8. when first time i hear i see approx 50 times………..u also c it n not blame to govt or anybody it is our nation and we have to start from ourself never wait for anyone to cm with u if u think u have to do this work then do it never feel any inferiorty to do that work ………..by that u bcm diffrnt frm even that which having power and all not cm fwd to work………u c it approx 5 times and u get all which u should know…………god bless u all my country men ……jai hind

  9. Sapnon ki duniya me rehna aachi baat hai. Look at the peolpe aroud you. They hate each other. They want to “FIGHT” for everything! They JUST want to fight for no reason at all. Make a million such videos, nothing will change. What can 1 man do? make some inspirational videos around it, nothing will happen! The “Tank Man” was spared his life by the tand driver because he had the basic courtesy for his fellow chienes brother, here in India, the police opens lathi charge on the poor “blind” agitators! One man stands for a change here and he will RIP in some unknown grave somewhere in a unknown village. out of 120 crore, 95 crore are uneducated parasites living on the blood of the remaing. All they need is reservation for their pidly existance. SO, stop spreading a dream that can not be realised and leave this country to live a better life. NOTHING WILL CHANGE HERE for the next 300 years! Nothing has changed here for the last 250 years! A people like china have the basic knowledge of a traffic signal, at 2:00am in tne night they will stop if the signal is ON, what do we do in our country in the broad day light? And dont give the crap of India has different sets of problems, every country has its own unique set of problems and they all have proven that they can challenge the problems and come out winners, WE ARE JUST NOT BUILT WINNERS! And before you tell me “if you are so fedup of this country why dont you leave” let me tell you I AM planning to migrate out of this country. This country doesn’t need me, this country needs more SRK’s, Amir Khan’s, Salman Khan’ and Aishwairya Rai’s. You think I am a loser? You are free to think what you want I have ceased to care enough now. This is a country of Auto Rikshaw Drivers, keep driving this country at your wills! 😦

  10. Oh great! I see you deleted my post. You want to “Create” a movement the “bollywood” esthyle! You are correct, as is this society takes inspiration from “philims”, I think in other countries films take inspiration from “Life”! After watching the eshtyle of Rang De Basanti we light candles and ‘fight’ for justice in the jesica lal case. Then we took inspiration from Munna Bhai and sent “Get well soon” cards to Ramadose to protest his decision of reservation in the field of doctors. In the process, the bheed completely forgt that the two eshtyles had to completely opposite ideologies. One said KILL & DIE for it! The other said “peace” “peace” “love”. The people just want to be filmy thats all. A better approach for bringing about a change is proably keep making movies, See “ek teer se do nishane” movies banengi to business bhi chalta rahega aur log ladenge to shayad change bhi aa jayega!

    OK, I am with you, lets bring about a stage managed revolution. Once again let the few celebraties take the leade in deciding what is “good” for the gumrah bheed around!

  11. @Manoj:
    First lest me clarify that I did not delete your post. It was just held for moderation.

    You know, your post doesn’t really make me sad. It’s in fact a pity that some people do not get what’s being DONE. Instead, they are just stuck with the irresponsible media, and the likes (yes I am pointing to Aajtak, Star News etc.) and believe THAT to be the truth.
    I sincerely WISH you could come across people who left there lucrative lifestyles, jobs to serve there fellow human beings. You might start by reading about Baba Amte, or even Dr. Ravi Kuchimanchi (Association for India’s development), etc.

    I do not wish to stretch this as I have other unfinished jobs (and that my friend could be counted as another service to my country), but I hope to post my views on your comments sometime in future.
    Not anytime soon though.

    Have a peaceful and fulfilling life dude. 🙂

  12. HI Pub,

    I am very much impressed with the videos you’ve served. Even i am an enthusiast for developing the nation. Though i have failed many times in my attampts, I’m still working. If you are interested you can moderate and content in the website along with me.

    http://www.supportingindia.org is my website. I tried to conduct few events, get help from the community to know what can i provide. I think joining hands in this case is really an exciting work

    What do you say?


  13. Respected Sir,
    It’s really an awsome creation. Long time after film “Lakshya”, a film I came across which inspired me like anything.

    Creativity & Art at its Best !

    From : Praloy

  14. I really appreciate the initiative taken by the TIMES OF INDIA towards LEAD INDIA.
    I have seen both the videos, they are just awesome specially th eseciond one in which a child tries to push the big log of wood.
    This really create us a spirit within us to do something for our country. I think every Indian should see it and have to implement it in their real life. Only then the target of the LEAD INDIA could be achieved to make our country leading.
    I, heartedly thanks TIMES OF INDIA to take this initiative for the country.

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  16. Just 3 quotes for all Indians:-

    “You must be the change you want to see in others”

    “The government can only be as good as you want it to be”

    “Never doubt that a few dedicated persons can change the world, indeed that is the only thing that happens”

  17. dekhne aur likhne se kuch nahi hota jo iss video mai aap se karwana chahte hai wo bhi to karna chahiye…………………………
    aur mera sochana yeh hai ki yeh sab cheese hum koi peheli baar nahi dekh rahe bas issme ek sound daal diya hai but rest of the things is same which we all are seen in the roads of indian cities………….

  18. Falak Pakad Ke Utho Aur Hawa Pakad Ke chalo is my best song . i m indian. i m very attracted with this video because this viedeo learn us we solve problem ourself and dont wait to come others……….

    But i m glad that an singer telling us what we have the problem????????

  19. Hi this is the best song i have heard…but sad to find the commentators are so distressed by India…Helloo jagoen yaar…aap hi log society ho…aap he se hate and love banta hai….aur hamara desh autorishawallom ke pass hai to kya hua….wo apne customers ko correct place pe or correct time pe chodte hai….unhi se banta hai hamara bharath….hai u want to change the society…first u change….have the gut inyourself….dont fear harassment…face it…fight it….but we never even tried that and kisko gali de rahe ho aap…..is society ko..jo aap se banthi hai….if the country is like this means we have made it like this….we never acted for it and now sitting on a chair having some tea and looking on to newpaper …aap bol rahe ho…hamara hindustan ko kya hua….jagoen yaar

  20. I need this song( Tum chalo to hindustan chale) as hallotune for my mobile.
    Can anybody tell the way?


  21. The video is beautiful, and it’s consummately Indian – but even more importantly, it’s consummately human — every country needs this message; this inspiration; this dose of (what can be) reality. No other country has resolved the issues of unified cooperation, either – look at the United States, right now! And please note that U.S. President Barack Obama is who he is, and doing what he does, thanks to the inspiration of leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was inspired by Gandhi), and Gandhi. The U.S. Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, Obama’s election and his governing style (mutual respect for and with all people and nations, cooperation, unity, etc.); the work and leadership of Mandela in South Africa – are all due to the inspiration and teachings of Gandhi. However, conflict and apathy, everywhere, are symptoms of the deluded nature of the dreaming ego-mind – they’re not “Indian”, or “American”, or “Chinese”. Realization of our true self is the only cure for that dream. Realization of true nature is possible for everyone. Living unbound – jivanmukti – is possible for everyone. How do I know this? From the results of meditation and yoga. How was I blessed to know of meditation and yoga? Because of India. India, and Indians have given the world everything of value – from the spirituality of reality, to mathematics, to the most important discoveries and advances in every area of life (spirituality, science, language, medicine, music, art, culture, etc.) – the benefits of which are now enjoyed by people everywhere. The British created the lie of the “Aryan invasion” to justify their rape and robbery of Bharat. The truth is: civilization originated in and from India, and is possible, and exists today, only because of India .. Mahabharata. Every human has a lifetime worth of reasons to carry ultimate gratitude for India in his or her heart. Oh, and, just by the way — I’m not Indian. And there are more of us happily in awe of India, and infinitely more grateful for India, than you might ever guess. The majority of people in the world may not feel this gratitude just yet, but that’s only because they don’t know the facts I mentioned above – but they will; it’s happening already. A few centuries is nothing, in the scope of overall history – the last few centuries have been an aberration. India, the heart of humanity, is arising again, and is rapidly re-awakening to her conscious and rightful place as the mother of the entire world, and all humanity. The tragedies of immature, aggressive nations will be cast aside in the dustbin of history before long; Mother India is eternal; Mother India is the glory of humanity. Jai Mahabharata; Jai Hind!

  22. It is really a good video. It says people have to do the changes, no politicians will care for the people or country. The video is so inspiring than he lyrics.. Very good video.

  23. hey yaar i want to download this beautiful and inspiring video TUM CHALO TOH HINDUSTAN CHALE can u plz send me this video and its MP3.

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