Rail Gaadi, Rail Gaadi… :)

Yesterday while standing at a railway crossing, waiting for the train to pass by, I realized that I love train journeys. Bus journeys are painful, and flight journeys -too short. Trains provide you enough space to move (and jump) around. People you come across are interesting. Moreover, the journey is long enough to let you enjoy your “break” 🙂

--By flickr.com/photos/godvivek/483490156/

Tonight, I’ll be leaving for home to celebrate Holi and my B’day with family after a long time. This will probably be my last visit to Orissa because father got transferred. Return journey is flight from Kolkata, but tonight’s for my loving train :). I have also realized that each time I get down from a train after finishing the journey, a sense of realization that I have failed to enjoy the journey to the fullest comes to me. I know that not everybody would be able to relate to this feeling, but what the hell! 🙂

This feeling, I guess, has a lot to do with my childhood train journeys. This is when I used to fantasize having a camera to click pictures of the changing landscapes. This fantasy is what drove me to buy a DSLR. There is also a disturbing memory associated with trains, but that’s quite personal.

Anyhoo! I don’t wish to stretch this post anymore. I posted it just to let you guys know a couple of things. One, that I’ll be on leave for around 10 days (Saturdays, Sundays included). Second, my love and fantasy for train journeys :). But there’s also one more thing on my mind, and it doesn’t have much to do with trains.

I am considering abandoning this blog. There are several reasons for this. Most prominent of them (which I’d like to mention here 🙂 ) are that I’ve never liked pouring my personal thoughts on anyone (Okay, a few 😀 ), and I don’t REALLY feel comfortable doing it here. This blog started out as an outlet of my frustrations during the final year BTech (and a medium of one sided communication to a few). However, I am not sure if there’s any point continuing it.

Secondly, I am planning to move my tech blog to my server http://projectbee.org, once I return from home, and would like to focus on it. Nothing’s decided yet. Let’s see! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Rail Gaadi, Rail Gaadi… :)

  1. Hhmm… lots of ifs and buts
    Need to say a few things:
    1. D pic dat u’ve put up in dis post is jus awesum!
    2. Yeah, I think I know abt dat painful xperience v all had.
    3. I guess all our blogs started d same time for almost the same reasons…
    4. Sorry that u won’t b visitin Bbsr anymore, or will u??
    5. Now I shall be forced to stick with that stupid techie blog of ur’s if dis one’s gone. 😉

  2. Are you going to abandon this blog???

    So sad 😦

    Happy B’day in advance,
    Happy Holi,
    Happy journey (return flight from Kolkata)

  3. @Priyanshu:
    Even if I close down this blog, I am not going to disappear from the web. I’ll still be here and will keep reading your blog 🙂
    In fact, I’ll be focusing more on my tech blog , and who knows, I might be able to revive the Dervesh.

    Thank you so much for all the wishes dude 🙂

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