About v1.5

I am different and crazy… that’s what people say.
I am not sure if it’s true, but I know one thing.
I’d never like to be a part of the crowd.

I have been training people on Java for the past one year in an MNC in Hyderabad, India. Lots of hard work and amazing fun. I’ll be moving to another place in a month and will update it here. If things go well, it’s gonna be really really exciting I have moved to Bangalore. From now on, I’ll be working on Web App Security, I mean officially from now on :P. I remember reading long long ago, probably on Johnny Long’s site, that the fun reduces when your interest becomes your job. Let’s see how it’s for me. 🙂 There are way too many things to fix, and even more events happening on the Web Security front. Expect some more webAppSsec related posts on my tech blog, iff I get some free time. 😦

I don’t have much “life” outside technology, codes and internet; though I love my family a lot. 🙂
During college days, I was a member of the team that worked under the guidance of Dr. D. K. Mishra and revived SPICMACAY – Orissa Chapter. I also wanted with AID but… couldn’t.
Unfortunately the past one year was too hectic to look back at them. I, however, now realize that the reason was not the hectic schedule. It was the simply because I used to separate technology and social work.
Now, I know that both can mix… and in a lot better way.
Have taken some initiatives towards the same. Let’s see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “About v1.5

  1. I wonder if you would be kind enough to consider being one of the first bloggers to take part in this:


    Just to show this is not spam, I picked your blog because the Bollywood theme is a bit different to most. Found via WordPress homepage

    Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think.



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