Rail Gaadi, Rail Gaadi… :)

Yesterday while standing at a railway crossing, waiting for the train to pass by, I realized that I love train journeys. Bus journeys are painful, and flight journeys -too short. Trains provide you enough space to move (and jump) around. People you come across are interesting. Moreover, the journey is long enough to let you enjoy your “break” 🙂

--By flickr.com/photos/godvivek/483490156/

Tonight, I’ll be leaving for home to celebrate Holi and my B’day with family after a long time. This will probably be my last visit to Orissa because father got transferred. Return journey is flight from Kolkata, but tonight’s for my loving train :). I have also realized that each time I get down from a train after finishing the journey, a sense of realization that I have failed to enjoy the journey to the fullest comes to me. I know that not everybody would be able to relate to this feeling, but what the hell! 🙂

This feeling, I guess, has a lot to do with my childhood train journeys. This is when I used to fantasize having a camera to click pictures of the changing landscapes. This fantasy is what drove me to buy a DSLR. There is also a disturbing memory associated with trains, but that’s quite personal.

Anyhoo! I don’t wish to stretch this post anymore. I posted it just to let you guys know a couple of things. One, that I’ll be on leave for around 10 days (Saturdays, Sundays included). Second, my love and fantasy for train journeys :). But there’s also one more thing on my mind, and it doesn’t have much to do with trains.

I am considering abandoning this blog. There are several reasons for this. Most prominent of them (which I’d like to mention here 🙂 ) are that I’ve never liked pouring my personal thoughts on anyone (Okay, a few 😀 ), and I don’t REALLY feel comfortable doing it here. This blog started out as an outlet of my frustrations during the final year BTech (and a medium of one sided communication to a few). However, I am not sure if there’s any point continuing it.

Secondly, I am planning to move my tech blog to my server http://projectbee.org, once I return from home, and would like to focus on it. Nothing’s decided yet. Let’s see! 🙂


Long Time No Scraps???

I’ve been thinking for quite some time to start blogging again……
But I had to write something today…. keeping all my plans aside to work on Wireshark [previously ethereal]. The reason being Gaurav’s B’day Celebration.

Well, I am here…. working in Satyam, Hyderabad. Currently working on an internal project…. to virtualise the complete Java training process. My team has 6 people, Me, Rupi, Ashi, Abhi, Veera and Boss 🙂
Quite honestly, I am loving every bit of it. Though there’s no hardcore coding, but my creativity (that somewhat died during B.Tech) is getting revived….. and I’ve great team to work with too 🙂 (psssst… Don’t tell them…. )
….. And the best part…… I work the way I used to ….. 16-20 hrs a day 🙂 Even now, at 3 am in the morning, I am in the office
My Boss is an amazing person….. we’ve his cabin, his comp., his laptop… and his account id/pass to access web, blocked sites too 😉
And it’s not just about these issues, there’s so much to learn from him…. That’s why he is the Boss 🙂

Heyyy…. I forgot to tell…. I got a wife….
She is an AMD 64bit Turion, and has 1GB of Main Memory (duh!) . She even writes DVDs and has a focal vision of 14inches.
When I am not sleeping…. or having lunch/dinner, you can find me in my cabin with her…. I call her Bittu. Cute na…. 🙂


Here She is:


Now, the reason why I blogged today….. A few hours ago we celebrated Gaurav’s B’day….. in our office,
Ashi got the cake with Rupi. She got the B’day wishes inscribed on the cake in Urdu (she’s learning Urdu from him)
We pull her leg quite a lot…. infact too much,
But Gaurav got a bit senti—mental hehehe… infact me too 😀 .
It struck some chords….. My B’day celebration 🙂
…. And as if something was left out….. Arnie, the Rascal himself, called up…..

I’ve uploaded the B’day pics at flickr….. You can have a look here

Take care… everybody.

It’s already 4:15…. gotta go back….. to cafeteria 😀