Baba lives on…

It hurts me when people keep crying about corruption, and complaining that nothing is being done for the society/common name blah blah blah. But it hurts even more when the people responsible for dissemination such vital information do not “play their part” responsibly.
Yes! I wish to blame the media. I’ll, however, resist and put it on hold for some other time.

This post is dedicated to Baba Amte. The man who dedicated a big part of his life for the “not so common men”. The meaning of “not so common men” can be understood by watching this small documentary.

Baba’s life is also a lesson for people who doubt in the power of one. His mortal structure is no more, but he’ll continue to live in the hearts of thousands…

p.s. Thanks to Amrit for sharing the video. It can be downloaded from


India versus Development

According to Wikipedia:

Developing countries are in general countries which have not achieved a significant degree of industrialization relative to their populations, and which have a low standard of living. There is a strong correlation between low income and high population growth, both within and between countries.

The concept of “development” is pretty well defined and is measured in terms of HDI (Human Development Index). It’s interesting to note that the index was developed in 1990 by Amartya Sen (Indian Economist & Nobel Laurette), Mehbub ul Haq (Pakistani Economist), Meghnad Desai (London School of Economics) and Gustav Ranis (Yale University). The value of HDI lies from 0 to 1.

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education, and standard of living for countries worldwide. It is a standard means of measuring well-being, especially child welfare. It is used to determine and indicate whether a country is a developed, developing, or underdeveloped country and also to measure the impact of economic policies on quality of life.

The 2006 UN Human Development Index Report provides the HDI for 2004. The top 10 nations are:

  1. Flag of Norway Norway 0.965
  2. Flag of Iceland Iceland 0.960
  3. Flag of Australia Australia 0.957
  4. Flag of Republic of Ireland Ireland 0.956
  5. Flag of Sweden Sweden 0.951
  6. Flag of Canada Canada 0.950
  7. Flag of Japan Japan 0.949
  8. Flag of United States United States 0.948
  9. Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 0.947
  10. Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 0.947

The HDI for India lies somewhere between 0.500 to 0.600. Since the HDI points to the year 2004, we have no need to worry. We have a come a long way since then. In fact, each day has been (and is) an big leap. Experts, scientist, philosophers, politcians… all around the world have announced that India (and China) will be the next Super Powers.
Sounds satisfying and ecstatic. Isn’t it? 🙂
But is it really the reality?

We have made exponential progress in almost every technical and modern field. Today we have internet in almost every gully. The electronic items and luxury products are in everyone’s reach. Every kid in your family has a personal cellphone.
But does that really mean that India, as a nation, is developing?

You might think that it’s stupid of me to talk about such developments and still question about “development”, which is nothing but plain measurement. If you are then let me put some simple questions for the Reality Check.

  1. How big is your India? What is the percentage of India that comprises of villages and tribal areas?
  2. The price of tubelight might not have risen, but are you aware of the price of kerosene (if available)?
  3. KFC’s providing an amazing “Bucket offer”. What about the rise in price of Wheat and Rice? …and aa yes. Which country does the KFC belong to?
  4. You oppose Medha Patkar’s Narmada Bachao Andolan because the stupid movement is disrupting the government from building the proposed 30 large, 135 medium and 3000 small dams; which will provide ample water and electricity, and hence help in achieving a higher HDI. But did you think about the rural (repeatedly called handful) people who will be dislocated because of these 30 large, 135 medium and 3000 small dams? If not then just imagine being driven out of your house because the government suddenly discovers that your house lies on the shortest possible train route from source A to destination B.

I spent so much of my time, which I could’ve spent with my family after 6 long months, just to mention (and remind myself) that development in India cannot happen on one single track. We cannot build a highway, if the farmers are committing suicide. We need to find alternatives for development which will target, not only the elite class, but also the handful few.

The HDI needs to rise on both fronts.

The Past One++ Month. Part-I.

I am writing this blog using Open Office on Ubuntu. I may blog on this lovely O/S sometime later but now I just want to utilise my time to write about the past one and half months.

The past one and half month has been Beautiful, Amazing, full of Inspiration, Frightening, Terrible, Dirty, Filthy……. all at the same time. In other words, this time has been a special chapter of “my life’s experiences”.

The time can be roughly divided into four categories:

  1. My 7th Sem Exams and …… Sine Die in my college.

  2. My vacation in Bhilai (with Chacha-Chachi) and Brajrajnagar (with Ma-Papa) 🙂

  3. ICDCIT ’05 – Second Edition (International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology) and NCSC ’05 (National Children’ Science Congress) back in college, at the end of december.

  4. And my remaining exam papers, that are continuing and will end on 19th (with all the expected and calculated Probabilty 🙂 )

I may not be able to complete it tonight so may be I’ll write it in parts.

It all began in the evening of 24th Nov ’05. We had our Computer Intelligence paper the next day and I was, with all my power and belief, trying to study. I received a call from Rohan and came to know, though not immediately (typical Rohan 😀 ), about the crap going on in the hostel (i don’t stay in hostel).


At a later stage, all hell broke loose and there was a bloody mess was created, involving the 2nd year and final year batches. The worst part – It happened in the presence of our respected Chancellor. And it all happened because of a few handful “heroes”.


There is no point describing everything but yes, I was in a fix when I heard it. I am a final year guy and there are so many 2nd year guys whom I love as much I love my younger Bro. I tried to be kept updated…. thanks to the cellphones.

Sometime after 3 am, we got the news that the police had to interrupt and the SP has declared SINE DIE. We were shocked.

Both the batches were asked to vacate the hostel by 6 am. And our exam was, quite apparently, POSTPONED INDEFINITELY.

Anyways, my main concern were my bachcha log. The irony was that they were driven out of the hostel because of a clash with the “final year” and now they were with me, a “final year guy”.

I guess then that, in general, it’s not the people that are the root of the trouble, it’s just a handful enlightened souls.


So, finally it was all over and everyone, by the end of the evening, deserted me back here in Bhubaneswar. I was bloody left alone, except Anu, whom I could not meet because her exams were still in progress.

The best part………….. We had ICDCIT, NCSC, and Youth Parliament approaching, and our entry in the campus was prohibited. We were not allowed to enter our own campus, for so called security reasons. :((

Anyways, there was not much left to do in Bhubaneswar, plus I had developed back ache because of spending long hours in front of my computer………… and I desperately needed a break. So, I left for Bhilai. I have a lot of relatives in Bhilai but the main reason for my visit has always been my Chachu and Chachi :). ……………… I love you both 🙂



Now, I need to take a break. I have my next paper on 17th and I must pass the exams if I don’t want to be driven out of my home ;). I’ll Update the rest later.