[Discussion Forum] Career Conscience!

  1. Are you in the profession of your choice?
  2. If:
    • Yes, then is there something for which you can leave your current profession?
    • If No, What is it “that” which takes your breath away?
1. I love this picture. It’s taken from Jean-François Chénier’s flickr photostream. The best thing I like about the picture is it’s name: Trust. 🙂
No relation to this post whatsoever, though.
2. This post is concerned to myself, more than anyone else.

Laghu Katha – III

After a genuine ingenious post, I am back to copying stuff and then garnishing them “ma way”. 🙂
I’d read this piece at some random place and was reminded of it while thinking about the third short story. I present you my version of the story.

There lived a girl at the hills. She met an accident at the age of 7 and lost her sight.
Sight, however, was not the only thing that she lost. The accident also took away her smile, her happiness… her confidence… and worst, her faith in everything… everyone.

She now preferred to be alone.
She loved the sound of rain as her companion. She used to sit near the window for hours, listening to the sounds of rain, frogs, birds… and trying to separate them. When it was not rainining, she would go to the hills and listen to the birds… and would sometimes… fly with them.

The hills, apparently, don’t just have birds. She met him one fine day… and became close in no time. He seemed to be the only one who seemed to understand her. She was the one who completed him.

The day he proposed her to marry him was the day of heavy rains. But she didn’t have any confidence left in her. Moreover, she realized that she didn’t trust him SO much. She put the condition, even heavier than the rains, “I’ll marry you the day I get my sight back”. She knew that’d never happen again.

Months passed. One cloudy day her brother informed that the doctor says that she might get her sight back, after a tiny-miny cornea transplant operation. The clear sky brought her sight back. She could now separate the water, the frogs, and the birds… with her eyes too.

A few days later he came to meet her and reminded her of the promise… but…. he…. he is blind too.
“Is that the reason he understood me…. could relate to me? I can… no… I cannot live with him. I wanted him to be my support… not to become his sight.”, she thought and… denied. It was not an easy decision, but she had to.

It was tough to differentiate and decide which was heavier, the rain pouring on the roof… or the rain pouring on his cheeks. He stood to leave, but turned around at the gate… looked straight at her… as if he could look deep into her eyes… and said with tear flowing down his eyes, “Take care of yourslef… and…… my eyes!”

Okay! I failed to make this one a Laghu Katha.

Be the Change…!

During college days, I was a part of the team that worked under the guidance of Dr. D.K. Mishra to revive the SPICMACAY – Orissa Chapter. This was time when we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ravi Kuchimanchi, founder of AID. He was working with Medha Patkar on “Narmada Bachao Andolan” (probably still is). I wanted to work with AID but couldn’t.

For the past one year, I’ve surrounded with codes, vulnerabilities, technologies… I am even a part of the social wing of my company but haven’t really done any work.

I couldn’t gather enough time to contribute to any of the above… or so I used to think. Now, I realize that my biggest mistake was treating them and *technology* as separate entities. It’s now I realize that both can complement each other…

Very ironically, it is not a matter of surprise that the media has been *pathetically* highlighting the dirty features of the society. It has been deleting all its beautiful aspects. Well, why not!
It’s business after all… and in such a business; Dirts sells. Beauty is just a filler.
Most of us are aware of it and criticize it too. But seriously, what is it that we have been doing for it?

I decided to experiment with my above mentioned belief that technology and social work are complementary to each other. Have taken certain initiatives with a motive to bring in at least some change. Expect my personal blog to be one of these changes.

I’d strongly suggest reading this essay by Pandu Nayak, a fellow classmate of Dr. Ravi. It gives an idea how corruption has been one of the biggest reasons for blocking the country’s development.

The video embedded below is an interview of AID-Montreal volunteers, Papia Raj & Aditya Raj on (Bangla TV) CHTV Montreal. The interviewer is Dilip Choudhary. It is in English and Bangla, and gives a little idea of what is AID and what it does.

It ain’t over till it’s Over.

I generally do not like to post videos, but these are something I’d love to share. Especially with Arnie 🙂

These are some of the “Impossible is Nothing” series of Adidas commercials.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (…getting better never stops.)

2. Jonah Lomu (…I’d to fight every step to get there.)

3. Lionel Messi (…sometimes bad things can turn out good.)

4. David Beckham (…it’s about coming through them.)

5. Yelena Isinbayeva (…where you start isn’t necessarily where you end up.)

6. Rob & James: Everest Boys (…It doesn’t stop here.)

7. Saint Margaret’s -My Favorite. 🙂

The (Judgement) Day…

Today was supposed to be a Good Day…
< Sarcasm > Good it was… 🙂 < / Sarcasm >
The doctor, after examining my X-Ray report, confirmed that I have a disc-slip (if that’s medically correct way to say) towards my lower back. 🙂
Nah! Don’t worry (in case you are). The doc, an Oriya geek, sustained that it’s not *that* serious and also allowed me to work extra hours, as usual.
I must admit that I came across a sensible and smart Oriya chap after a pretty looong time 😉

Footnote: If the back-pain doesn’t kill me, my Oriya friends surely will.
अलिवदा दुनीया वालों [ Final Farewell, O bloody earthly creatures] 😉

Laghu Katha – I

If you’ve ever read hindi newspapers, then you probably know what a Laghu Katha is. It is the term for a very short story.
Punnen wrote a small essay on short films today. It reminded me of a laghu katha that I’d read a few years ago. It had/has a profound effect on me.
I thought I’d write my version of the story. Do let me know your views on the same. I might post some more stories in future.

The train reached on time. There wasn’t much rush at the railway station, however I was having a little difficulty finding an auto.

Suddenly, my attention was grabbed by a 10-11 year old girl, who was begging for something to eat. She reminded me of my niece, of same age, whom I had left several stations away. I couldn’t even wish her goodbye; didn’t want to wake her up so early.
Several thoughts clouded my mind. I was filled with empathy for this poor soul. I called her and gave her a 10 rupee note.

She looked at me for a while, and then looked around. Probably searching for something or someone. She then said, “Babuji, nobody comes towards the bushes besides platform 11. We can go there.”