It hurts… even after 400 years!


First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could.

–Adam Monroe (aka Takezo Kensei) to Hiro Nakamure in “The Line”


Honour Insignificant Compared To Hunger!

I am a self proclaimed feminist.There are issues (which I do not cite) that disturb me… and I’ve been disturbed again by a piece of news titled “Sex for Survival” on the Al Jazeera (english).

From the article:

When Rana Jalil, 38, lost her husband in an explosion in Baghdad last year, she could never have imagined becoming a prostitute in order to feed her children.

A mother of four, Jalil sought out employment, but job opportunities for women had decreased since the US invasion.
She begged shop owners, office workers and companies to hire her but was treated with what she calls chauvinistic discrimination.
Within weeks of her husband’s death, a doctor diagnosed her children with malnutrition.

Fighting tears, she recalled the desperation which led her to the oldest profession: “In the beginning these were the worst days in my life. My husband was the first man I met and slept with, but I didn’t have another option … my children were starving.”
She left the house in a daze, she recalled, and walked to the nearest market to find someone who would pay her for sex.
She said: “I’m a nice-looking woman and it wasn’t difficult to find a client. When we got to the bed I tried to run away … I just couldn’t do it, but he hit and raped me. When he paid me afterwards, it was finished for me.

“When I came home with some food I had bought from that money and saw my children screaming of happiness, I discovered that honour is insignificant compared to the hunger of my children.”

I discovered that honour is insignificant compared to the hunger of my children.

We are all aware of such issues, but this time I could see a series of events leading to a sheer helpless situation. Quite ironically, I used to think that some, if not most, of the these people choose the easier path of flesh trade instead of working. I might still be right but the situation in places like these is vexing. Does anyone see anything good coming up from the US war against terrorism. If Yes then are the trade-offs worthy? (Or may be I currently too disturb to make rational calculations.)

By the way, I couldn’t finish the article. If anybody finds anything good in it, let us know.

Laghu Katha – III

After a genuine ingenious post, I am back to copying stuff and then garnishing them “ma way”. 🙂
I’d read this piece at some random place and was reminded of it while thinking about the third short story. I present you my version of the story.

There lived a girl at the hills. She met an accident at the age of 7 and lost her sight.
Sight, however, was not the only thing that she lost. The accident also took away her smile, her happiness… her confidence… and worst, her faith in everything… everyone.

She now preferred to be alone.
She loved the sound of rain as her companion. She used to sit near the window for hours, listening to the sounds of rain, frogs, birds… and trying to separate them. When it was not rainining, she would go to the hills and listen to the birds… and would sometimes… fly with them.

The hills, apparently, don’t just have birds. She met him one fine day… and became close in no time. He seemed to be the only one who seemed to understand her. She was the one who completed him.

The day he proposed her to marry him was the day of heavy rains. But she didn’t have any confidence left in her. Moreover, she realized that she didn’t trust him SO much. She put the condition, even heavier than the rains, “I’ll marry you the day I get my sight back”. She knew that’d never happen again.

Months passed. One cloudy day her brother informed that the doctor says that she might get her sight back, after a tiny-miny cornea transplant operation. The clear sky brought her sight back. She could now separate the water, the frogs, and the birds… with her eyes too.

A few days later he came to meet her and reminded her of the promise… but…. he…. he is blind too.
“Is that the reason he understood me…. could relate to me? I can… no… I cannot live with him. I wanted him to be my support… not to become his sight.”, she thought and… denied. It was not an easy decision, but she had to.

It was tough to differentiate and decide which was heavier, the rain pouring on the roof… or the rain pouring on his cheeks. He stood to leave, but turned around at the gate… looked straight at her… as if he could look deep into her eyes… and said with tear flowing down his eyes, “Take care of yourslef… and…… my eyes!”

Okay! I failed to make this one a Laghu Katha.

Laghu Katha – II

3rd Aug’07: 10:30 AM
Dear Diary,
I hate Bhaiya (elder brother). He again complained to Papa (father) about me and then Papa beat me. He always wants to be noticed by Papa. He is just 2 years older than me and thinks that he is very matured. Why doesn’t he understand that I am not his little kid sister. I am 6 years old now. I wish I grow old quickly. No one will say anything to me then.
I hate him… I hate him… I hate him….

3rd Aug’07:10:30PM
Dear Diary,
Bhaiya is crying and there is nothing I can do. Papa will beat me too if I say anything. But he did not do anything bad diary. He was just watching that stupid TV show where those foreigners wear red colored dresses and run around the beach. Even Papa watches it. I don’t understand why Papa got so angry. I don’t want to grow old diary. It’s so confusing. I don’t think I’ll ever be so mature to understand all of it.
I just want Bhaiya to be happy right now. 😦


Well. After the translation of a story, I’d read years ago, as Laghu Kata – I I thought it’d be a good idea to write something on my own. I realize that I won’t be write something of the stature as Laghu Katha – I. Quite apparently, I am a little conscious and thus feel the obligation to mention that I’ve tried to write from the point of view of a 6 year old girl, and touch the following points:

  1. A child’s innocence, reflected even when she tries to hate her “enemy”
  2. The love for her brother, at the time of trouble
  3. A child’s attempt to be more like his role model by imitating whatever he does.
  4. Hypocrisy of adults (read us)

All said and done, it was a deliberate attempt to map innocence to females, and hypocrisy to males. 🙂

Visuals inspiring Thoughts

As I sit here at Nagpur railway station at around 3 am in the morning, waiting for my train (yup, I am on vacation. Yippie :D), I have nothing interesting to do than to sit and look around. “Sit and look” because my back still hurts 😦

It’s situations like this when you are reminded that movies and life aren’t so different. There was a man talking to his son regarding family matters; a lady, holding her small child to her bosom, trying hard to stay awake… (these visuals reminded me of the opening scene of “Love Actually”)… and then there is broken platform floor, broken water pipes, beggars sleeping without anything to cover them. All this at the same platform

Looking around I saw an advertisement board for a Women’s College. What made it interesting was the following quote:

If a man is educated,
an individual is educated.
If a woman is educated,
whole family is educated.

I’ll leave the analysis of this quote to you. I’ve something else running on my mind. It’s interesting to note that one of the primary causes of almost all the problems in India (or as a matter of fact, in any country) is Education.
On the contrary, it is not a matter of surprise that a properly educated society can eradicate *most of* social problems.
I’ve also mentioned in a previous post that education, IMO, is an amazing business.

Now, can’t these two mix?

What I mean to say is that similar to the Free and Open Source Software business model, can’t we have a business model where education would be free (or very nominal) for the “customer” but at the same time, will generate enough revenue for the business owner? I know it sounds crazy. Mostly because FOSS industry has most of it’s earning from support, and there isn’t much of a “support” feature in the educational field… but I sincerely believe that there is a business model waiting to be discovered.

…and yes. I must mention that it’s not just a running thought. It has been on my mind for quite some time and a little developed than what I mentioned here.

Footnote: I’ve been relocated to Bangalore. I know I know, I haven’t informed a lot of people… but things flew petty fast. I’ll be there on 16th.

It ain’t over till it’s Over.

I generally do not like to post videos, but these are something I’d love to share. Especially with Arnie 🙂

These are some of the “Impossible is Nothing” series of Adidas commercials.

1. Sachin Tendulkar (…getting better never stops.)

2. Jonah Lomu (…I’d to fight every step to get there.)

3. Lionel Messi (…sometimes bad things can turn out good.)

4. David Beckham (…it’s about coming through them.)

5. Yelena Isinbayeva (…where you start isn’t necessarily where you end up.)

6. Rob & James: Everest Boys (…It doesn’t stop here.)

7. Saint Margaret’s -My Favorite. 🙂

Uncyclopedia on India!

“Ever heard of Wikipedia?”
“Of course I have, you moron.”
“Wokay! Ever heard of India?”
“!!! What have been smoking lately? I live in India, @&*@*# (censored).”
“Oh! …and Uncyclopedia? Must have been there. Right?”
“Uh! Uncyclo… what???”
“hohoho” *grin*

Now this is what I call discovery. I don’t even remember properly, which link dropped me on this psychotic site. Uncyclopedia is a (very small, but growing) mirror of Wikipedia; but in a completely different manner. All the information on Uncyclopedia is nonsense and very hilarious. (Some people might not be able to digest everything. It is thus advised to vomit such things out and regain the old state of happiness. Remember and say, “I always wanted to be happy. I want to be happy. I am happy.” 😉 )

I present you a small snippet of the page on India (or Brownies):

  • India is a fictional place, rumored to have been created by J.R.R Tolkien whilst he wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He had planned for it to be a large section occupied mainly by hobbits, leprechauns and other fictional creatures such as the French, for example. In this legendary tome, the region contributes for a large proportion of the population of Middle Earth (roughly 17%) and many of the inhabitants have spread to other areas, such as The Shire, and set up small corner shops and take-aways.
    Although only three people got to read the un-edited version, the idea of “India” has spread through word of mouth. Americans though still struggle to comprehend the idea of India (or of anything else for that matter).

  • Official Languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Marathi + 10^100 others
  • Unofficial Languages: Mumbaiya, Gulti, Inglis
  • Worst Language: Malayalam (It means the same even when read backwards)
  • Most Deadly Language: Classical Tamil
  • Government: SardarJi

  • Religion: Everything known to man 🙂
  • National Heroes: Me, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Emporar Ashoka, and Buddha
  • Hindi (pronounced “hindii” in Hindi and “telegU” in Malayalam) is the default (viz. sixth generation C) language of India. There are an additional 420 official (viz. nth generation uncyclux) languages in India but none reflect the poetic greatness of (H)India.
    Urdu is the national language of India’s cricketing rival: Pakistan. Basically Hindi and Urdu are the same language: just that Urdu is written in the reverse order.
    Though Pakistan has rejected Hindi, Indians in their pseudo-secular broadmindedness have embraced Urdu hole-heartedly.

  • Cricket: The game of Rioting was a joint venture between India and Pakistan. The tradition now is that once any cricket match is over, everyone must riot and burn down a stand. This also keeps the youths in the country employed. Pakistan is India’s long time rival in both games, cricket & rioting, of which India has won all.
  • It is not unusual for the captain of a losing Indian cricket team to be sacrificed to a Hindu God of their choice. It is also not unusual for the captain of a winning Indian cricket team to be sacrificed to a Hindu God of their choice.
  • Bollywood is a very popular film industry and is as popular as Hollywood and is known all over India. They make the worst films in the world. No one watches them except for prudish high school girls and over-sized, middle-aged housewives. The only reason for the continuation of the boom in the cinema industry in India is that it’s cheaper to pay to sleep in the cool confines of a cinema hall than to pay to sleep in a hotel.
  • According to a famous film critic, who says this on the condition of anonymosity fearing murder, Bollywood thought sex did not exist until 2002 AB. Any and every intimate scene, if ever it passed the Censor Boards, was depicted by two flowers rubbing against each other. The censored rape scenes involved thunder and lightning or huge tidal waves hitting the rocks.
  • Then, stalwarts like Rakhi Sawant came onto the screen and rediscovered the “dare to bare” philosophy. Of late, explicit scenes have become the norm, so much so that the Censor Board is contemplating including porn in its archives.
  • Name of states:
    • Jammu and Kashmir: Almost Pakistan
    • Arunachal Pradesh: Almost China
    • Maharashtra: Bollywood
    • Orissa: Skyscrapers (???)
    • Chhattisgarh: Wait, was this one here before?
    • Andaman & Nicobar Island: Tsunami Island

1. The chatting para that you see on the top of the page is inspired from the posts of an Indian called Amrit Mishra, who belongs to the state of Skycrapers. He is also a native of the same state called Skycrapers. He sometimes (which is two times every night) writes something and shows it to the whole world. He calls it by some strange name called Blogging. Please do not prosecute him and spoil his self-prosecution plans. 😉
2. If you feel like kicking the lower body part on my backside (the name of which I do not wish to pronounce) because I posted half of the article instead of providing the link then please understand that I am an Indian and I am a very very patriotic Indian. We have a saying, “Atithi devo bhav!”, which means Guest is like God. When you are here, why go somewhere else (specially if you’re a h** lady, which I hope you are).
3. This exactly in not a disclaimer. I was just reminded of a lady who is also from the state Skyscrapers (just like my dear and near friend Amrit Mishra) and speaks the word (which I could not mention in my 2nd disclaimer) very very fluently. She also writes things called blogs. These people from the city of Skyscrapers are very very crazy. God help them (with some pakhaalo) 😉