[Discussion Forum] Career Conscience!

  1. Are you in the profession of your choice?
  2. If:
    • Yes, then is there something for which you can leave your current profession?
    • If No, What is it “that” which takes your breath away?
1. I love this picture. It’s taken from Jean-François Chénier’s flickr photostream. The best thing I like about the picture is it’s name: Trust. 🙂
No relation to this post whatsoever, though.
2. This post is concerned to myself, more than anyone else.

[Discussion Forum] Harsh words, or the Piercing silence!

 Picture by shashchatter : http://www.flickr.com/photos/shashchatter/184930213/

Zara Aawaz ka Lehza to badlo,
Zara Maddham karo is aanch ko Sonaa.n
Ke jal jaate hain Kungre narm Rishton ke
Zara Alfaaz ke Nakhun tarasho
Bahot Chubhte hain jab Narazgi se baat karti ho…!

-Gulzar Saab

A few days ago, a very special friend of mine sent it to me. The couplets left me wondering, which hurts more in a relationship when things are not so good:

1. Harsh words… that convey things one never meant to say, OR
2. The piercing silence… that nullify every attempt to bring things on track.

Would love to know what you guys think.

[Discussion Forum] Coffee or Lappy???

With this post, I am starting a series of completely weirdo posts where I’ll post (wierd) questions and would seek your views.
The first question in the series:

Given a choice to choose either of the two —Coffee or Laptop (/desktop) for your entire life and sacrifice the other, which one would you choose? 😐


This might come very easily to some but has boggled me for some time, considering that I’ve given up coffee a number of times in the past 😛